Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend of Fishing

Seriously do I look pregnant? Maybe I look pregnant, but do I look like Im 27 weeks.? Crazy!
Last weekend we finally went fishing. We had not gone fishing in like  almost 5 months. Mostly because it has been really cold and because we are really busy lately.

At the beginning of that evening my husband was unaware that I wanted to go to South Padre Island. He was under the impression we were going to a different city, and it turns out communication got mixed up. Honestly, I regret going to the Island that night.

The evening started with us having a hard time with finding a parking. It was a Saturday so we kind of had to drive around till we saw people leaving. 

We got a ton of bait thinking that it was going to be a good fishing evening. Well, we thought wrong. This was about to be the worst fishing night ever.

My Brother with his catch

I think the highlight to this evening was that I saw a ton of dolphins and one of them was really close and also we saw about three jellyfishes on the top of the water just swimming around. It was pretty neat. I had never seen a jellyfish up close in the water. I mean, I've seen one on shore but not in the water. 

I think I have mentioned that fishing to us is more than a hobby. It's also a competition between Jaime and I. So every time we fish together it's has to be a competition. This time he won. I did catch anything. That's right, Nothing! I was upset.

That's not all, the night was super weird. It was so foggy, it was creepy. I mean we had clear skies when we arrived and then at about 7:45 it began to look hazy. I could not see  the causeway or I could not see the building in front of us. I mean really, really creepy weather. It was also kind of cold and Mr. Jaime didn't have a jacket, even though I told him to take one just in case. He never listens to me, when will he understand that I'm always right:)

We plan on going back during spring break. Probably not to this particular spot but we will be doing some fishing. Next week, I believe we are heading to Houston, Texas. I have not been there since I've had a layover when I went to visit Jaime in California. (Don't even think it counts hehe)

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