Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On Breastfeeding...

Oh, breastfeeding. It has been the best experience but it has also been the worst experience. I have mentioned that with Megan I was not producing anything, and then she got jaundice because I was not giving her any milk except for my breast which wasn't making anything. Or at least this is how I see how she got jaundice. I will always blame myself for that.

This time around I told myself that I was not going to breastfeed due to the whole jaundice thing. However, when I got to the hospital I told them that I did want to. So I tried and by some miracle I was producing food for my baby boy. We are now on day 4 of breastfeeding and I know some people might think that its not something to celebrate but to me, it is, I hope to do this for at least 4 more months.

He is getting so much better at latching and is eating every hour now, which I have no clue if that is a good thing but that is what is happening. Sometime I think he eats just so that I can carry him.

I never understood what they meant by breastfeeding makes the bond between mom and baby closer, I just thought that it was just something people say. I was wrong, because of the breastfeeding, I feel so much more closer to my baby boy. Jaime is finding the whole breastfeeding amazing. He is just so relieved that we are having a better time breastfeeding than the first time. It does not give him a whole lot to do so he has pretty much been diaper changing and burping and all other things about baby.

I'm very lucky and thankful that he gets a whole month off for the baby (with pay) and then after he goes back to work my mom is going to take his place. She is taking two weeks off after he goes back so that's nice. I think I'm doing just fine though. It's my house that pretty much looks like a disaster and Im not exaggerating it really is a mess. We have baby products everywhere.


Christina McGuire said...

Oh where do I even begin.... haha..... My experience with my daughter (now 18mo) was horrific. I dreamed of breastfeeding my whole life and then I was so engorged and in pain that I eventually turned to exclusively pumping. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS! I ended up quitting all of it after about 4 weeks because pumping is a whole other chore onto your new life as a mama that it becomes overwhelming. My daughter became severely jaundice in the beginning due to my OB using suction cups on my daughter's head while trying to pull her out of me while I was pushing. She was rushing me and for that I will never forgive her (I thought my husband was going to kill the OB) She was not successful and I ended up pushing my daughter out just fine on my own with my mama cheering me on. Anyways, those suctioning devices left two cephlahematomas on her sweet little head and caused her immune system to go into overdrive to try and heal those two bumps rather than regulate her body. My poor little girl. I ended up pumping to get more and more milk in her with a bottle because I was so scared I wasn't breastfeeding right. How I SO WISH I COULD TURN BACK TIME. If I could do it all again, I would have returned to breastfeeding after the jaundice subsided after a few days of bottle feeding and with the help of the sun. If you have any problems producing later on, drink Mother's Milk organic tea, eat organic oatmeal, etc. Look up foods and drinks that will help you produce but #1: drink LOTS of water! I hope you continue for your sweet sweet little boy (and for yourself). Breastfeeding becomes so much easier (if it starts to hurt) and the benefits are SO WORTH IT. I have learned so much since becoming a mother that I wish I could do it all over and correct so much. I had my daughter on organic formula because mainstream formula has genetically modified ingredients in them and are SO bad for our health (as people are now starting to realize...shame on the FDA!) - So whatever you decide: I wish you the best and so happy that it is working out for you !!!!! :) Congrats, mama!!!!
-Christina McGuire

The McGuire Family

(Sorry for the long essay haha)

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Congratulations on that beautiful baby boy!!! He is absolutely adorable! I'm so glad that breastfeeding is working out for you. It is so hard in the beginning but stick it out because it gets easier and it really is amazing. I was amazed by my body that it carried my baby then that it delivered my baby and now I am equally amazed at how it is nourishing my baby and I feel so connected to her! Keep up the great work mama! And who cares about the house?! You have babies to snuggle!

Hilary said...

I'm so glad you're having a good experience! It's so different for every person and every baby - it's crazy how that works out. It was really tough for us in the beginning - Beckett is a super sucker and my nipples took a major beating! (Even at 8 weeks, I still use a nipple shield most of the time.)