Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's day

We spent Father's day on Saturday because Jaime had to work on Sunday.  So the first thing we did on Saturday morning was make breakfast for Jaime. Well actually the first thing I did in the morning was exercise because I would like my butt back. hehe yes I liked my butt:) so my goal is to get it back. I hope it comes back. (Sorry, that was weird right?):)

After breakfast, I cleaned the house and Jaime pretty much lunged(sp?) around while I cleaned the house. I didn't mind, I kind of had to,this place was pretty dirty.  We also made a cake for him. His favorite cake is German chocolate but I don't know how to make that so this was the next best thing for him. We also gave him his gifts. We bought him a Mini Ipad, itunes card, a t-shirt, and a dog card. Guess who picked out the dog card? Miss Megan of course. He pretty much spent the whole day on his Ipad. He uses it for music. Now amazon came out with Music Prime so he is pretty much in heaven.

Megan and I saw a movie called "The haunted mansion " from Disney. Afterwards we all got ready because we were going to go to a baseball game with my dad for Father's day.

Here is a little story to go along with it. Let me just point out, before Andrew, we were always early to places, all the time. Since he was born we pretty much have late to most events. And this time was no exception. Fist off I think I told Jaime to get ready about 5 times. For whatever reason he thought he had all the time in the world. Men right? Anyways when we finally leave he says he wants something to eat, so we stop at Burger king, he is the only one that orders something. Megan and I were just going to eat snacks at the game. Then we go get some cash out to pay for the tickets. The game started at 7 and it was 6:45 already. Then for whatever reason we go to his dad's house. I was under the impression that we were going to leave his gift after the game but I was wrong. So now it is  6:55 and we are pulling up into the parking. He decides to chow down his burger. When we finally get to our seats it's 7:15. Moral of the story, listen to your wife when she tells you to get ready the first time. Oh gosh, but I love that man!

Some men were outside the game and they were selling some tickets for $30 which was cheaper than what we would have originally paid. So it came out to be pretty good. There were 6 of us and we paid only $30 for the tickets. It was a great game. The mascot took my baby for awhile, and let me just say it was the scariest thing ever. He was carrying him and they took his pictures and now Andrew is going to be on the newspaper. Awesome right? Well the mascot gave us an autographed baseball for Andrew. Pretty neat huh?!

My dad

 On Sunday we visited my dad and my grandpa's grave. My dad came home with us to eat some lunch and to hang out for awhile. I told him about our blu-ray, so he decided to stay and try and fix it. For whatever reason it gave out about a month ago. The dvd player didn't work, but to some miracle it does now.Strange. Jaime wanted me to bring him his cake to the station but decided not to after all. Afterwards, I cleaned up, and made dinner for me and Megan.

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