Thursday, June 26, 2014

Not a dry eye in the theatre

This past weekend my mom and I saw The Fault in our Stars. I honestly kind of forgot the whole book but when the movie started it all just came back to me. I remember when I read the book I was bawling like a baby & at the theater It was no different. Only this time everyone in the theater was crying. Seriously,  all I heard was sniffling throughout the whole movie. It was hilarious! Anyways, if you go an watch the movie take some tissues, seriously not kidding about that, you WILL NEED THEM!

Have a good Thursday...another night of Big Brother is happening tonight, so for all you BB lovers don't forget!

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Hilary said...

My mom and I want to go so bad!! I'm wondering if I can manage to go with Beckett, lol. Maybe we should try hitting up a matinee so the theater will be less packed if he's fussy. I could always make sure it's feeding time - nursing him will take up 30 minutes!