Tuesday, June 10, 2014

These are our days

 These days it is hard to go out and just enjoy the summer. I can't believe how hard it is with two babies. I'm trying to get out of my funk. Maybe I will venture out soon, but right now Andrew is still really small for me to go out on my own. For now I feel like I need to have another person to help me. I still have yet to go to a store on my own with both of them in tow. Don't judge, I'm just afraid of a meltdown from one of them.

Last week we took Megan and Andrew to a little picnic to the park. We had a pretty good time up until Megan had a meltdown, she freaks out with the tiniest bump to the head or her arm. I am hoping it's just a stage. She's really not up for anything lately. I don't know if it's the hot weather or something else. She just hardly ever wants to go outside to play.

We cleaned out Megan's room because holy cow does she have toys. We threw away a ton of toys and now I feel that her room is looking a lot better. While we were cleaning her room Andrew was just hanging out. He was moving so much that's why the pictures came out so blurry. This is usually how he watches us while Megan and I are doing something.

 Also, Megan graduated from Pre-k, and will be entering Kindergarten. Jaime was unable to be with us this day so I had to record everything. She even sang with another girl a song from Frozen, I think it's called "For the first time." It's a cute song. She got a little upset at the girl during the song because she was singing Megan's part. People started laughing at that. I love that my baby is really coming out of her shell and is talking more and more to people. She used to be extremely shy now, she talks to people who wants to talk to her. Im so proud of her and Im so excited that she is not as shy as she used to be.

For the past week my milk supply has been low. According to What to expect the first year, it is totally normal when the monthly visit comes, the milk will be low, which I didn't know. I was actually beginning to worry about it and started to question myself as to what I had done wrong. So with a low milk supply meant that I could not pump. This baby of ours goes through quite  a lot of milk so when I leave the house and Jaime stays with him, they go through the milk like crazy. So we didn't have anything stocked during this week. So for the first time I would have to nurse in public. Yep, I have still yet to do that. On this particular day, I was ready to nurse for the first time. Jaime was invited to play some kickball against another city of firefighters. So since I had not left the house in awhile, I wanted to go with the kids. It was going to be at a park, so I could watch Megan play and see the game at the same time in public. However, when Jaime got out of work he said that the game was canceled. All three of us were already ready to go so we just went out to eat. My mom has been on vacation for two week so we invited her, well come to find out that my dad had also taken the day off. So we all had breakfast at Denny's. Throughout the whole time I was so scared that Andrew was going to cry any minute but to my surprise he didn't. So again, I have yet to nurse in public. Maybe you all can tell me about your first time nursing in public and how you felt?I think I need some encouragement.

Andrew wakes up really early and so he has now joined me on writing posts in the morning.


Julie Provost said...

Looks like you are off to a great start for summer. When my oldest was 3 days old we had to take him in for some blood work and he needed to eat. I was so uncomfortble at first but I had to do it. I just had a blanket. But now they have cool covered that bend which makes it even easier. I used those with my 3rd baby.

Hilary said...

We were at a restaurant the first time I nursed in public. Thankfully we were in a booth, so it wasn't like I was in the middle of the restaurant. However, it was a fairly nice restaurant on Mother's Day, so it was definitely crowded. I just took my cover up and we were fine. It definitely helps to have someone else around because the hardest part for me is trying to get my bra clipped back while not flashing people or dropping the baby. It's easier when I can say "Okay burp him" and hand him off while I get situated. I think my 2nd time nursing in public was at Josh's baseball game, and thankfully it was cold so I had a big blanket and a baby blanket covering us up. I have also nursed at the pool and beach, but again, with people around to help. Honestly, I cover up for other people, not for myself, so I really don't care WHAT people see, lol.