Friday, July 25, 2014

3 months today!

My baby is 3 months old. Good god it's going fast, next month I will be able to give him some solids and I am really sad that that will be happening soon. He is a baby that is always smiling, he hardely ever cries unless he is hungry or wants attention.

As of right now Andrew is weighing at about 13 pounds. I'm not exactly sure how much he is now. Last time we checked was 2 weeks ago. I'm more than sure that he has added some pounds. He has gotten a lot better at pulling himself up when he has tummy time. I think we need to spend a little more time on it though to really master it.

He went to South Padre Island for the first time this month. We went to eat for some real sea food and we also went into a little store for bathing suits. Next month if everything goes to plan we will be going to schlitterbahn, and I'm sure he will love it, he seems to love the water.

He is now on Size 2 of diapers. He is just such a big boy. I kind of already knew that he would need size 2 at the end of his first month. He is also wearing size 3-6 months and I am more than sure he will be moving up to to 6-8 soon. My little guy is a big baby.

We are still breastfeeding and If your wondering if I have had my first public debut on nursing. I have:) It was on July 5th while watching the fireworks and again at a kiddie pool. I think I am getting the hang of it. I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable doing it. It is honestly less hassle than bottles.  I still hide a little especially around men but for the most part it's going very well. Another thing I need to point at is how supportive my family is. My dad especially, he is very reserved and I thought he was going to be uncomfortable but I like that he is o.k with it and he does not mind me nursing as long as I'm covered up, which of course I am going to do.I just needed to give him that credit.

He has gotten into a schedule. Usually Andrew wakes up at 7 am (on good days) and on the bad days he's up at 3 am. This past month was a really bad month of sleeping. Thankfully, he has been doing better when it comes to sleeping. For three days straight he was waking up every hour of the night. It was brutal on those nights. I was so frustrated and so sleepy.

He does not like when I pull his clothes over his head and he gets a little fussy when we leave the room. He likes to play from 4-7 with us. During the morning he will sleep and eat and repeat until 3.For whatever reason though for the past two days he is down to two naps during the day and he pretty much wakes up at night only when he is hungry then he goes right back to sleep.

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