Monday, July 7, 2014

A glimpse of our summer

Megan has been spending a good amount of time with my parents and they have been taking her places and of course buying her things.

Megan and I went to the zoo while the boys stayed at home and caught up with sleep. We had fun at the zoo, and really enjoyed the Dinosaur adventures at the zoo. It was felt real, it was creepy. The sound effects were just crazy and since we were the only ones inside the dinosaur exhibit, it was pretty scary. Those things really looked like they were going to come alive at any moment. Megan also has gone to the pool a few times. I mean this girl is having some fun.

 Some days we just stay at home and just hang out with these guys. These guys are definitely brother and sister thought. I do find some things the same and I think sometimes they may look alike.

4th of July was spent with my family. We played volley ball and popped some fireworks. It was so humid outside so I tried to leave Andrew with people who were inside for as long as possible. Megan was also inside because she was scared of all the fireworks. The quality of these pictures are terrible. I hate my phone sometimes.

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