Monday, July 14, 2014

An order of a good nights rest, please?

Look at this little cutie's face. You would never know he has been keeping his momma awake for most of the night. Honestly, I have not gotten a full nights rests. I'm considering giving him formula in the night time so that he is full for the rest of the night. However, this little man won't drink his whole bottle. I don't know if he is doing it on purpose;) or what, but Im not getting much of rest. So today we are going to do something different. I'm going to keep him awake from 3-8, maybe that will at least give me some time to sleep. Wish me luck for some sleep tonight.


Rebekah said...

He's so cute! He's still little but I know it's hard. James gets one bottle at night and it helps but honestly he still doesn't STTN consistently. How many ounces do you give him? My advice-just be careful about making him overtired. When James is I know our nights will be worse! Hopefully you get some rest soon!

Hilary said...

Good luck, girlie. Andrew's age now is about when Beckett's sleep went to shit (sorry, no better word to describe it). We tried sleep training a few nights last week and it didn't really help us out either. Last night he slept really well (7:30-7:30, waking at 4 to eat), but I think that's because he was SO exhausted from the previous few nights. In talking to other moms, it's become quite clear that those who's babies sleep through the night are the outliers and most babies wake multiple times. Just hang in there - I know it's hard!