Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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We've been having some good days around here. I love when I have good days with my husband. Lots of laughs and caressing, it's so nice. Life gets in the way a lot but when we finally have time to enjoy each others company it really is worth all of the things we go through on a daily bases.

I am so excited I finally have these books. I finished the 2nd book about a year ago and I'm barely getting around to reading the last two. Lets just say it's getting even better. It's very mythically(is that a word?) and I am enjoying the book much more, I didn't think I would like those whole "mythical creatures" but it sure is well written.

We have taken the first step in getting a house. Unfortunately, we are getting cold feet again. I think our feet will be warm again when I finally get my job. I still have yet to get a call from someone. I do have an interview though for a second grade teacher at a school, but it's not until August. So I am going to have very little time to get everything together for at least the first week. I will be a busy bee when and if I do get the job.

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