Thursday, July 24, 2014

Picture overload

This has been a great summer! I am honestly in denial that school will be starting soon. I am very very very not ready to send my baby to kindergarten. I just don't want her to go to school and be in a classroom filled with different personalities. I am scared that she not going to be able to stand up to for herself. I'm praying I get this job at a school so she can at least be close to me, and I won't have to worry so much.

I have an interview on Thursday and I am seriously just looking up all the question that they may ask. I am trying to remember all the key words in education lingo. So that's pretty much what I have been doing this week. I want this job so bad that it has just surrounded my mind lately. I don't know how I am going to take it if I don't get it. Probably cry, yeah that's it, I'll probably cry.

Megan has been having a great summer vacation, she has been going to the pool, San Antonio, and she has been going to parks. Megan went to San Antonio for two days and I really hate that she was gone that long. In fact I hated that Jaime and Megan were gone for that long. They went with his family and I stayed at home with Andrew. Andrew and I had a relaxing weekend just us, catching up on some Netflix movies and TV shows. Megan and Jaime went to Fiesta Texas, where Jaime did not take any photos. I just want to take note that I had told him to take a camera and he said that he didn't need it, that he was going to use his phone. Yeah, he didn't even use his phone to take pictures. Then I told him why he didn't buy me anything over there, and he said that he didn't take any cash, even though I asked him the day before if he needed cash and he said "no". Ugh!

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