Thursday, January 15, 2015

Few bumps on the road(House update)

Its actually been awhile since I have updated about the house and quite a few things have taken place. So lets start at the top. First off ,they have accepted out offer. Since the house was so cheap and was only on the market for 7 days Jaime and I put in the full asking price. Which now I'm thinking we should have gone lower but I don't know.Who knows what could have happened if we had gone just a little bit lower. The only reason we gave full asking price is because we knew someone else was going to snatch it up.

We had to call some inspectors to inspect the house. Since it is a foreclosure, we really don't know much about the house and it's history. All I know is the people who lived here before were really dirty. The carpet is so dirty and what I mean by dirty is that there are beads on the carpet everywhere. There is some wood rot which they will have to fix, apparently there was also some sort of leak in the house. Right above the living room is the master bedroom so there is a leak stain.

We have done the termite inspection which was okay. We don't have termites. We just have the housing inspections where they inspect the whole house and see what needs to be fixed.
On the day the inspector was suppose to come, two different inspectors came into the house claiming to be the inspector. They both had the passcode to the key pad but only one of them was our inspector , the other one...well who knows who he was and what he was doing there. I still need to touch base with my realtor about that. I mean we literally just had someone walk into our future house. I just thought it was really scary and strange that someone claimed to be our inspector and was actually not the inspector is weird. He was an inspector just not ours. Strange, I know.
 Unfortunately, the inspector has only done half of the job. Why you may ask, because the awesome realtor on that side is a slacker!!! a slacker yes.

We have a contract where it says the utilities needed to be on in 7 days but did they follow the contract,no they didn't!! So here we are 14 days later and they have just put the utilities on. So their slack is going to delay our closing date which was suppose to be January 30th. This house was suppose to be the location of Megan's birthday party. So tomorrow we will find out when the last part to the inspection is. I am hoping that we get the house as soon as possible. We still need to do the appraisal which I know won't pass so we will need repairs, and it they took long on the utlilities then I am more than sure they will take their sweet time on the repairs. Fun!(that's sarcasm if you can't tell)

I also have had to get some paperwork signed. It was more an emotional thing than anything. I mean I am pretty much signing my life away but we are finally getting a house. I am excited.

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