Sunday, March 1, 2015

So far...(bunch of rambling)

Well we have lived in this house for about 1 week, and I am seriously a wreck. I mean I can't find anything and my husband and I have been at each other's throats. It been a hell of a week. We have had a ton of stuff going on at home such as internet guys, cable technician, and light. Those have been a nightmare. I mean I needed the alarm the first night because of Jaime not being here that night. This neighborhood is actually weird. People don't turn on their porch lights. We are kind of out here in the country sort of which I kind of like but we are pretty far from the city. It's been weird with sleeping here. It feels like I am at a hotel and this place is requiring me to pay for damages.

Megan is also getting used to the house. She is afraid zombies are going to get her. She gets scared with every noise. I tell her why she hears that noise. I find it hilarious, I did the same thing to my parents about our new house.

"first selfie in the house"

We have so much to do with this house. I mean the updates are just piling. My husband has been going on a shopping spree with this house. He has bought countless items that I don't think we need but apparently he needs these tools. We have officially moved and cleaned out of our old house. Hopefully we get some kind of deposit back but I am not holding my breath on it.

 We also had Megan's party which did not go well in my book. I forgot to invite people to it. And those people are pretty upset with me now. Seriously, people don't understand how very stressed and busy my life is. This is exactly why I can't blog. I am always out and out or working. What is most important is that Megan had fun and thats all I need to know.

I am so stressed out I decided to cut my hair. Mostly, because I needed a change in my do. I have not had bangs since elementary so I am still getting used to this.

Megan and I went to hot topic the other day and we bought some disney items. She bought a necklace that has olaf and I bought this cute kiss the girl beanie. I just love it.

In case you were wondering about my plans on the house. Here are some plans that I am going to try and make happen for our house. Bathrooms will all be the same. Except for the colors. I am not a fan of pink and I don't think that Jaime will appreciate pink.  The bedroom will be done after I finish all the bathrooms."One room at a time" says my husband.

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Hilary said...

1. The NOISES. Oh, the noises. They're killing me! I never notice them when Josh is home - only when he isn't. Like, last night, I slept with the TV on because it sounded like someone was drumming their fingers on the dresser and I couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from.
2. Josh and I are at Wal-Mart or Home Depot or Lowe's every day, sometimes more than once a day. I swear, we are going to be broke sooner rather than later!
3. I looove the mint/teal and grey. The ceilings are a little too high in our house so nothing is going to get painted any time soon, lol. The only rooms with "normal" ceilings are the two guest rooms, the guest baths, and the kitchen & dining room. Good thing they picked a nice neutral color!