Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Andrew

We are hitting the 1 year mark next coming weekend. We are not doing something big this time around. We are probably going take him some places. I might take him to the zoo. We are not exactly sure on what we are going to do. (Hmph, we are so on top of things.)

I want to share some things about Andrew.

1. He gets upset very easy when something does not go his way.
2. He is a morning person and wakes up with a smile(most mornings)
3. He gives slobbery kisses(only momma).
4. He puts everything in his mouth
5.He is not a fan of shoes
6. He's daddies little pal
7. He waves bye.
8. He bothers his big sister when she is doing something.
9. Every morning is a shit show(literally)
10. He likes to throw things over his shoulder. Who cares where it lands.

He is the master right now! This child keeps me on my toes and I could not imagine my life without this bugger.

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