Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our weekend

This past week was an easy week. After testing was over we pretty much had fun days. Lots of movies and playing board games in the classroom.Tomorrow we are back at teaching. I have two  unit lessons that I think are going to last for the next 4 weeks. Which should be fun.

Andrew turned the BIG 1 on Saturday.We took him out for breakfast and holy cow can that little guy eat. He loved his breakfast.Afterwards we went to target to pick up a few items for that night. We were going to a wedding that night and we just needed a few things. We went home and just played with Andrew. We didn't have a party this time around. Im sure we will do one next year but we opted out this year.  

 We took Andrew to the wedding with us, which an hour into it we realized we should have left him with my mom. The wedding was just beautiful. The wedding was one of my high school friends and she made a huge wedding. It was just gorgeous. She wanted a fairytale wedding and it was just that. Jaime also bought his first suit, and I was just so smitten by him.

Pay no attention to the whale next to the bride(that is why I hate flash pictures). Isn't she beautiful, in her wedding dress? We had a blast. Jaime and I danced to a song and then we stayed for a little while longer. We were not able to stay long because Jaime had to work the next day. There were free cocktails and Jaime and I kept getting drinks. We didn't get too crazy, we were okay. We were just having fun.

We also had a big storm which came a problem to our house but thats for another post.

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