Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring break week

On March 13th it was my birthday. I was not looking forward for it. Partly because Jaime was working and I wanted to spend the day with him. So I decided to go to work and spend the day with my students and co-workers. It turned out to be a good day. We did a little party at the end of the day and I received some gifts from the kids and my co-workers and my mom. My mom met some of my students.

We have been painting non-stop to this house. We have finished painting our living room and we are now on to putting up curtains and rods. Jaime doesn't really let me do much on my own. That's what happens when your married to a perfectionist. I'm in charge of the decorating and less of putting holes in the wall. Which I understand he loves this house.

We finally have new furniture and a new bedroom set. Our house is still a working progress....oh and don't get me started on the outside landscape.

Reading, Reading, Reading. Lately, I have been reading almost everyday. Do I feel bad about it? A litlle. Only because I should probably be doing work. Research and everything else I have to do for my classroom. I have read the Slammed series(oh my god that is a great book!!!), and I just finished the Red Queen yesterday. That is another good one. Lord know I love to read. It's my escape into fantasy land. I have been thinking about going back to school for writing. Is there such a thing? I was talking to Jaime about what he felt if I went back to school to learn "how to write a book". He was all for it. What would I go for? English major? I can hear Sheldon Cooper snickering. I miss school so much...and If I don't go for my "book classes", then what would I go for, for a Masters?

Have ya'll seen Cinderella? Isn't it amazing?! We sure loved it.

This little girl has been reading non-stop lately. I'm so glad that she has a love for books. She loves books as much as I do. We have been reading books since she was 16 months, and I guess it has caught up with her.

My favorite things about having two babies is that they get to play with each other. Megan is pretty rough with the little one but he seems to like it. I love when they get into little fights with one another. Like when gets her toys, I'm sure I will hear plenty more of it in the years to come. Jaime and I were talking about a pretend 3rd baby. Will we probably have another? Mostly likely, no. I really am happy with just us. I really just want to focus on our little family. If we were to have another baby it will be through adoption and years from now.

We have gone antique shopping a couple of time. We have found some pretty good things which I will post about later.

This is our before and after pictures. I like the white. I think there is more I can do with that color. We will see. We are still not finished. I still need to decorate the living room. We are trying to be DIYers but holy cow we are kind of slow with two kids. We still have to take out all the carpet from the house. I tell ya, the list is really, really long.

This little guy loves book, but in a totally different way. He loves to throw them over his shoulder.

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