Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Staar Stressing....I mean testing

In Texas we have a standardized test called "STAAR". Today was the mathematic part to the test which is my test(I teach 4th grade math,in case you didn't know) so it was nerve wrecking.I just wanted to give you a little glimpse of my thoughts of today.

The assistant principal tells me in the morning "okay, your test are ready, come pick them up."

Another teacher comes up to me and informs me one of my students has thrown up due to nerves. I should have been more concerned.

We only have 4 hours for the whole entire test. If you ask me it's not enough time for a 4th grader to do a test of 56 questions.

One of my students was still working 10 minutes before I had to call time.

When the student finally finished.

We usually eat at 11:40 and we had to wait till 12:30.

When I actually was able to eat.

I was so tired from the day that I left early from work and pretty much left half asleep.

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