Monday, July 27, 2015

House: Summer list

As soon as school was let out I go started on painting all the rooms and getting started on figuring out on what I wanted to do for every room. Mind you we have 5 bedrooms and three baths so I really needed to get on the ball with all the rooms. I have only finished painting the kitchen, Megan's room, and all three bathrooms. I mean it's not too bad but it's still I feel like I still have so much to do. Sometimes I just look at the room and think "how the heck do I want this to look like?". Its a little overwhelming.
 All these pictures were taken with my iPod because my iPhone broke. Yes, it was a sad day.

So here is the kitchen. I recently painted it yellow. I wanted something happy:) The color of the sun. I am going for a rustic feel through out the whole downstairs rooms, the living room, dining and kitchen. The colors we chose for this side of the house is white, yellow and grey. I already know what I want. The hard part is to find the actual decor to make it happen. These things are not the type of decor you can buy at the stores. I have to actually make it. Which is time consuming. 

We also decided on painting the cabinets white but I really don't know how I am going got do that or if it will even come out pretty or crappy looking.

This is the half bathroom that is also downstairs. This bathroom has grey and white and I need to add a splash of yellow somewhere in there. I was thinking a mason jar on the side with a yellow flower. Haven't really thought much on it. Jaime for whatever reason wanted to take over the decorating on this bathroom but I need to stop him somehow. I will find a prettier mirror and replace that one there.

This is the upstairs bathroom. This room was colored light grey but came out as somewhat light blue. Ugh I hate when the paint does not come out the way I want it to sometimes. For the record it's been twice. So moving on. This is what it look like right now. I still don't know what I want to put on those shelves but I am thinking a plant and maybe some small frames. Also we will be taking off that ugly sliding door. I truly hate that sliding door thing. I just now have to do some research on how to take it off. I also need to add a basket in there. I won't even show you the organization of under the sink. It's lovely by the way. Not!!

Megan's room is probably the pretties right now. I need to get rid of her dresser, it really doesn't go with the rest of her room. I am still looking for a chair for her as well for her desk. I saw one at a vintage store but Jaime did not want to buy it. Seriously, this guy. I think Ive said this before my husband things that he can decorate better than me. Mmhhmm. Megan just needs a new dresser and a chair and maybe a few more wall decorations and shelves.

This is the master bathroom which I just finished painting two days ago. I really want to put a molding around the mirrors(is that what its called?). Maybe white. I also bought these shelves that I will be putting them together tomorrow to go on the side of the mirror. I don't know how it will turn out or what I will use this shelves for, but thats what I am going to do. Don't mind my mess. I just finished painting and never put things back.

This little shelf area, I have no clue what do do with it. I don't know how to make it prettier. I was thinking to do some sort of a design in the back of it but I'm really not sure.

The living room is finished as far as painting go but I am still back and forth on how to arrange the sectional and what to put in that awkward space. I was thinking some sort of a table but Im just not jumping up for joy about it. Tomorrow I was going got see how I can rearrange the living room. Im so terrible because I always wait till my husband leave the house for me to do crazy stuff. It's just better if he is gone so I can just get in the zone with what I want. Im obviously a terrible wife.

Awkward space

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Hilary said...

I do the same thing - I only ever work on house projects when Josh isn't home, lol. He comes home and I've hung like 15 different pictures. We're still in the "hanging photos" stage. I think that I had colored walls for so long that I'm still enjoying the builder beige for a while, lol. Although it is all flat paint, so it shows EVERY SINGLE MARK and there are lots of them at this point. Esp up the stairs and in the hallways.

In that awkward space, you could get a little sofa table to put up against that half wall. Truthfully, it'd end up being a stash place for baby toys in our house!! We have that same couch in a green color.