Saturday, December 4, 2010


I am finally done with school, or at least for this semester. So Im back to blogging, I feel bad I never posted up my thanksgiving pictures up yet so here we go......

You can find the Black Friday Photos here.

Two days after christmas.

After we got our Christmas tree we went to eat at Pollo Loco. I didnt like the restraunt at first but it turned out pretty good, for those of you who love mexican food I recommend this place. These pictures were taken by my phone.

Mr. Prince Charming is always messing up my pictures.hahaha

My momma and dad

This is the picture I will be sending in the holiday cards, it was the only good one I got of her.



Hubbs was dancing
with the tree......

He ended up falling with the tree. Boys:)

This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but it's the stuff I went throught this week.

Miss M thought it would be really cool to dump out all the glitter:/
All the books and papers I needed to study for just two exams!

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