Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend plans

I was thinking of what to blog today, & I thought that maybe I should tell ya'll what I was "thinking" of doing for the weekend.

Hobby Lobby- My buddy swap from Christmas is the person I will be doing another swap for Easter, Im really exctied I really wanted to do an easter box. Mr. Wonderful didnt want me to send him one:( So I could not show him my awseome creativity.

School- I have a Final from my Special Education class next week and it's over 3 chapters! Im sure I can do it by Next Thursday so I will be studing over the weekend.

Bargain store- I have to go back to that bargain store that I blogged about a week ago you can read about it here,they have really nice strollers for $25!!

Cvs- From Mrs to Momma blogged about CVS the other day about couponing. I'm really intrigued on this "couponing" thing that is now a verb. I have never been to  CVS so I really just want to check out the store, for some reason I have a feeling it's going to look like a Walgreens but I could be wrong.

Thats all that I have planned for now:) myaybe I will head to khols too because my baby girl grew over night.
 We'll see on Monday if I did all these things:)

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