Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

Im Loving Wednesday

Im Loving...That I have been reveiveing phone calls from my sweet husband almost every other day this week and that is a shock but I feel very blessed for it:)

Im Loving..the raining,it hasnt rained for a good while so it feels so good outside and it's so cloudy that its very dark in our house right now.

Im Loving....that I will be finishing the semester in late July.Yay! I will at least have three weeks of doing absolutely nothing but being a bum until Fall semester. That probably not true but it's nice to dream:)

Im Loving...that I am doing very well in my Algebra class, I mean very well. Im so proud of myself and what Im accomplishing:)

Im Loving...Pandora! I was not really into at at first but now,thats all I listen to:)

haha yep I love listening to them=)

Im loving...The Secret Life of the American Teenager,this season is by far my favorite=)

&I really LOVE this picture of both of them

& of course Im loving my two favorite people

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little time for myself while daddy is away

So we are hitting the halfway point and I have to say...
I am so exhausted from going everywhere with Megan.
Megan and I have been BUSYBEES for the past couple of months.
We've had probably like 20 doctors visits combined with me and her, post office,grocery shopping,school,test,cleaning and there are soooo many other things that I know that Im missing.
But seriously this is so tiring!!!

1st deployment was not as bad and hectic as this one, and I know it's because Little Miss Megan is here keeping me company but I am pulling hairs right about now because I have 101 things to do a day or thinking what I have to do tomorrow. Blah.

I am very excited though that this is almost over and I just need a few more months and I will finally have some help. I already told Jaime that I will NOT be doing anything for a whole week.(that probably wont happen),but its nice to dream:)

I know I have been slacking so much on my post but Im finally going to post up pictures of what we've been up to:)

This is when we went to get her first fishy

Bought her some Playdoh and she loved it! She didnt even eat it!

She decided to go crazy on the water:)


My daughter is so obssesed with those converse shoes.

My husbands care package gift, I bought him a Nintendo ds not sure which one,but he really liked it:)

Have a great Wednesday everyone:)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sooo what can I say?

I had a meeting with my husbands unit this past saturday and the Ssgt was telling the Rules about OPSEC(like if we need it), and of course after the damn meeting there were still some people saying tha we could not say things like "6 months down" or "halfway down". Now I know some of you ladies are military wives who have done this alot. So please point me to the direction as to What I can say? Because Ive read the actual document from the govt. and it says dates!!! freaking dates!!I dont have dates! I dont even know when he will come. I dont even know the the month,the month that Im thinking its just a I just dont understand how this could be violating OPSEC.Grrrr. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our weekend=)

This weekend was[I think]eventful:)

After I came from school I went to visit my mother-in-law because she is moving to Houston and I told her that I would take megan to go and see her before she left. I have to say I wanted to cry and hug her,but their family are not the hugging type people,I had to get Jaime to be very huggy duggy with all of us:)
But I really am going to miss her,she has really opened up to me alot,I think it has something to do with that Im a girl and she does not have any daughter.
 Which I think I should call her to see if she made it safely=)

 Megan and I attending my sisters graduation,which I still have yet to buy her a graduation gift,but it came out great. I mean it was a tad boring and tiring but it was still pretty fun,looking at all the graduates crying and saying goodbye.

A couple of hours after Jaime left on that bus, I promised Megan I would make this deployment as smoothly as I possibly could. I feel like I haven not really lived up to that promise so I made a list of all the things that Megan might was to do or things she might like.

One being the Zoo, I invited one of "The Girls"(aka Military girls),with me to the zoo and she also wanted to take her son to the zoo so we both woke up pretty early and left about 9:30 and we finished the whole zoo at about 12:00=) Megan had so much fun. I would say she knew more this time around, than the last time we were there.

We also met up with another girl and went for some lunch at Cheddars then Megan and I came home and played outside in the patio coloring with the chalk I bought her:)

Then after she was done with that she made some cupcakes:) Yep she made some cupcakes,they came out pretty darn good too.
That night we stayed in and saw the Hangover again,while she slept.

I was determined to lounge around because I was so tired,so we played ouside and enjoyed the hot Texas air:/,I did some homework that I had to do and then we listened to some music to finish the day.

I hope all of Ya'll had a great weekend:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serioulsy Thursday

For some reason my last post was deleted so let try this again:)

Link up with
Frommrstomama to join in all the fun:)
Seriously...It's already Thursday!! and I only went to school all week only once:) Ahh!!
Serioulsy......Why do military girls have to cause drama we are all suppose to get along for the sake of our husbands. If you have a problem with another wife just talk to them it might just be a misunderstanding.

Seriously....Duke[Megans Fish] already got his bowl dirty! And it's only been three days Serioulsy!!
This is not what I had in mind when I bought her this fish...but for some reason Im thinking of buying another.Weird.

Seriously.....Lately I have been feeling sad because I really really really miss my husband, I hate feeling like my best friends is nowhere in sight.

Seriously...I gave my husband a choice on a vacation trip. I told him hey we could go to Disneyland and finally be able to see all the magic...or we can leave Megan at home with the grandparents and go to Las Vegas and get crazy...he said "Nah Id rather go to Disneyland".....I could not help smiling and saying to myself, this is why I know I married the man of my dreams. Im not into the whole drinking and parting life and neither is he:)

Seriously...I absolutely hate going to the Center[Jaime's base] because all the Ssgt and Sgt are not very nice and they scare the crap out of me. But I have to because I have to drop off some forms for the meeting that we are having in a couple of weeks in Corpus. Oh least Im not going on my own

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Im loving Wednesday

I have not done a WILW in awhile so Im kind of excited:)!

Im am Loving that on my first Algebra Test I recieved an 84! Im not very good
with Math so Yay!!

Im am Loving that we are halfway done with this stinkin deployment!

I am Loving that all three of us will be going on a 4 day vacation
 to Disneyland in Calfornia,
as soon as I get the 4 day approval of the hubbs,but Im sure he'll say yes:)

I am Loving that me and a couple of the other wives in my husband unit are going to Corpus Christi for a meeting in about two weeks:)

I am Loving that I finally sent out Jaime's Fathers Day gift:) & Im excited to see what he thinks. I have a bad feeling about it though cuz he does not seem to have alot of time on his hands. I will post pictures of that later:)

I am Loving that we have a new member in our Family:) His name is Duke:)

& of course I am Loving my Little Family:)