Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dentist & Behavior Chart update:)

Today Megan and I went to the Dentist.Thankfully it wasnt for Me sorry baby girl. I will say that I was imagining the worst at the appointment. I was thinking a full blown melt down was in our future.
They needed to take some x-rays on her front teeth since those are the first ones that are going to fall.
It started out pretty good but at the end of it wow it was getting pretty bad, she was just crying alot. No screaming thank god.

Then we went on for the checking of  the teeth and the cleaning. That was not so bad and I thought it was going to be 1000x's worse. It really was not bad.

We were in the waiting room at the Dentist..she kept moving so it explains the blurry picture.

So all in all pretty good experience. Now the Doctors office..whew thats a different story. & the best part is she had NO CAVITIES!

So I wanted to give ya'll an update in case you were
 curious about the behavior chart.You can read about that post Sticker for positive reinforcements.

Well So far this chart is a god sent. I wish I had done it earlier. If she starts to make a fuss about any of "tasks"she looses that sticker automatically.
She is doing so awesome. Since timeout dont work anymore I had to be creative.
 I will say that at some point we are going to work away from the stickers but right 
now it's going so good and we are seeing her behavior change, so I
 absolutely encourage doing this. But then again this works for us maybe the time-out may work for ya'll:)

So yesterday she finally finished a row!! Well she finally finished two rows! So momma and dadda went out to get her some prizes like we promised.:)

We explained to her why she was getting prizes and what she did to earn them and after we were done explaining then we gave them to her.
She covered her a cutie and she was so excited like jumping up and down.
She loved her shoes!

Then she got a Puzzle of Dora the Explorer

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Katie said...

I'm so not looking forward to the first dentist appointment!!! My little guy thinks getting a haircut is torture. oh man!