Sunday, October 28, 2012

House Hunting...

We are currently trying to get this home! We are unfortunately having problems getting ahold of the owners. Its a beautiful home and is newly remodeled. Its right around the corner to where my moms lives and is in the same city that Jaime works in, and the school that Megan goes to, which is why this home is our first choice. Im praying hard we get this house. Ive always been in love with it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Crafts

 I love Halloween. Its the one time of the year you can be any one you want to be.  I have to admit though sometimes people go over and beyond with Halloween. There are some neighbors around the corner that have some pretty scary houses.We have one or two decorations this year.
 I always like to make some crafts during Halloween and we finally had some time to do them with Jaime. We bought about 2 pounds worth of construction paper and began to make some Halloween crafts. I went online and googled Halloween crafts for kids and so many images came up. It was such a fun little thing to do with the two of them:) Have you done any crafts with your children? I did some other crafts but they didnt come out so great.

  This weekend I will be making some little Halloween treats for my students and for Megan's classmates. I think I am going to be tired at the end of the day but it will be worth it. I still have to find the last part to my costume but it's not going to be a hard time to find it. I wonder are if there are any coupons for candy?I found this Halloween treat bag, so I think I may do both but dont tell my husband:) Have a good Thursday.

Monday, October 22, 2012

This Weekend I....


This weekend was kind of uneventful and was a pretty low key. Jaime had to work a couple of those days, so Megan and I decided to spend the weekend at my mom and dads house. I went to class Saturday morning and found out I got a 90 on my Mid-term!! Woohoo! I worked really hard for that grade. I studies for 5 days straight and tested myself everyday to see what else I missed. So it was a really good morning so far. Afterwards I went to my moms because Megan had spent the night over.

 We decided to go to the movies to watch Brave, Or as Megan calls it, "Red". She calls it "Red" because of her Red hair.I love that movie it's the cutest. We had seen it before but it was nice to see it again. Megan fell asleep the last 15 minutes of it. Megan LOVES the movie Hotel Transylvania and when we saw the cardboard characters at the movies Megan wanted to take a pictures with them.

Megan has been asking for some new dolls almost every weekend. She's constantly telling Jaime and I that if Santa Clause will be bringing more toys and all I can think about is the stack of toys she already has at home. My goodness how much more toys do you wants girly:) So I thought about having her work for her dolls. I told her if she wanted stuff she is going to have to work for it. So we went outside and started to wash my car. I think she had some fun in the mix as well.

On Sunday Jaime decided he wanted to stay in at home. I wanted to leave out of the house by we decided to stay in after all. Jaime made some delicious fish with tartar sauce.It was actually really good. I give him lots of Kudos:) We also had some craft fun with Megan. We bought her a pumpkin last Friday and we said we would decorate it. Megan chose everything. She chose the buttons, the hair, the painting color. She was into it the first 30 minutes and then she was over it at the end. She named the pumpkin "Karen".
Monday morning came too soon. I felt like I didn't get enough sleep even though I feel asleep like about 10:00. Megan was also asleep at that time. This morning when I walked into my classroom the kids were looking sleepy. I was also having the Monday Blues like everyone else. My teacher had me working on some things and let me just say that it was so tiring. I had to tear out 23 chapters of a math book for 15 students. My hands were hurting from the tearing and the stapling of every chapter.
What did ya'll do this weekend?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters

 Dear life, please stop throwing me curve balls. Your kind of ruining my game:) Dear mom and dad, thanks for being there for me when I need you, have I ever told ya'll, that ya'll are my favorite parents?:) Dear Taylor Swift fans, How excited are ya'll for her new album? Megan and I cannot wait. Dear Neighbor's parents, I think your children missed the day, when you taught them how to respect people. Dear House, I know your somewhere out there, please don't take your time to show yourself. We would love to meet you<3 b="b">Dear Netflix
, I love how you keep adding new episodes to all my favorite shows but seriously your driving me away from my homework. Dear Megan, thanks for telling me "It's o.k mom" when I am scared,sad, mad...I think I need you more than what you need me. Your my rock baby girl.


Can it be December already?

Hello bloggers, I know I have not posted here in awhile. I'm honestly not keeping count how many days or weeks because geez life is just speeding, which I am not complaining but I have not been able to breath. I have said before that I can not wait till the end of November, when there is no more school till January. I will be reading books and catching up on some Netflix shows.

 So I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you all know what I have been up to. I will say though, we may be moving once again. I know, its terrible but this time we are looking for a house, not an apartment complex. The problem is actually finding the house. We just started two days ago and have not found a good one.We did find one, that is around the corner to my moms house, but the people have not answered their phone calls. For now we are just looking, by December we should have found something already.

Sisters 20th Birthday
Last weekend was my sisters 20th Birthday and we celebrated at Roadhouse. Its crazy but Im not a huge fan of Roadhouse and neither is my husband. I think the one thing I hate about it, is that it is just so loud! I mean the music is loud and people are trying to talk over it. None the less my sister wanted to celebrate there for her birthday. Megan got a cute little balloon crown just like her two sisters. I didn't get good photos but it will work for now.

Fishing days
I have expressed on here that we love to fish. Fishing is something so calming and fun. It was on Columbus and we decided to go fishing. We had originally wanted to leave Megan at school because for some reason she hates fishing. She likes going to her school so that's where we were going to leave her. Unfortunately, the school was closed and she had to come with us. The bad part was we didnt have a jacket for her. The one time its cold in Texas we don't have a jackets. My little sister also came along with us for the ride, she was the one that caught the biggest fish.

Update on Student Teaching
I had mentioned in another post that I felt that my mentor teacher was holding back on me. Well finally three weeks later her and I are getting along really really well that we are talking about stuff other than teaching stuff. I am really having fun now, and she is being more herself. The students are reacting so much better with me. It is amazingly fun. I'm learning so much more than I thought I was going to. I had my first observation and my observer kept saying I did an amazing job. My mentor teacher expressed as well, that I did amazing too. So I think I'm going in the right direction.

Fire Prevention
Yesterday, Megan got a little visit from some Firefighters. My husband was not on shift that day so he was not there to be with her. She was so excited about it, she kept going on and on about the firefighter and their dog "Sparky". She got a cute little firefighter hat, and she wanted to put on a tattoo on. She's too funny, she said it hurt when I was putting it on her. I was thinking maybe she said that because some people freaking out when they put on tattoos. Who knows. Speaking of firefighter(aside from the one I am married to) I am in love with Chicago fire. Its another show to add to the list of shows to watch in the week.

Well do I have some things to say about this little one. Miss Megan has taken the heart of a little boy at her school. The other day Jaime went to pick her up and Jaime witnessed a little boy giving Megan a kiss on her cheek. Jaime said he was pretty upset about it. I don't know if its a cute thing or something I should bring up to her teacher. I asked Megan if it makes her uncomfortable(it was hard to explain what uncomfortable is) but she she said it was o.k that he did that. I didn't think I would be going through this so soon so I have no clue how to even talk to her about this.

Hope ya'll have a good weekend. Tomorrow I find out if I passed my mid-term. Wish me luck:)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well it's official...

I am dead tired from a day of doing a lesson, fire alarms and observing. I am so tired...I think tired is an understatement though. Oh my god how I'm tired. This is just one full day...I can't even imagine doing this day in and day out.. I think it had more to do on the shoes I wore. Never again will I wear heel unless it's a Monday. I dont have much to blog about except that Im so exhausted. I will write about how my observation went with my field supervisor and how things are going to my mentor teachers another day.

Here is a little pictures of Megan.
We were doing some picture taking at home.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life of a parent

(Written 10/2/12)I watch the show Parenthood, and this past week there was an episode that made me think about the discussion I would have with Megan regarding about life. Such as race,gay marriage/love and other discussions. I also started to think about the kind of things I said I would never do that I do now.

When I became a parent, I was so scared, as Im sure most of us were with our first child. I remember promising myself that I would do certain things, and that I would spend as much as I could with her so I would not miss a thing. I think one of the biggest things for me to teach her was to be a good person. I think I am a good person but that just me, I cant say that the man upstairs would say the same thing. What I mean is I dont steal, I would not tell horrible things to a complete stranger, I will always try to do the rights thing, i will not hurt someone to get further. I know who I am and I always believed being a good person earns more respect than a person who is mean to people. So when my daughter was born I told myself that I would teach her to be a good person. So every now and then when she has done something wrong to someone I have to correct her and have a long discussion about why we should not do that. I think she is a very sweet girl, and based on what her teacher tells me, she is friends to all:) I just want her to be a good and happy person. Isnt that what every parent strives for?

I never thought that I would worry so much, day in and day out about my daughter. Everywhere I go I have to tell her to hold my hand, to never let me go, to listen to momma. I now people may see me as a crazy over protective mother but really with all the stories about children being abducted I cannot help myself. I NEED to have her by my side. I also have a terrible time trusting people with my daughter. I mean its your child, you would not want to leave the most important person in the world with just anyone.

Some days are dedicated to going through photos of when she was just a baby. Call me crazy but I miss those times. I miss the times when her "back talk" were grunts. I miss the cute faces she used to make. She makes cute faces now but if I could just go back to see her little squishy face when she was a baby I would. I have about 5,000 photos of her as a baby, and I still feel like I didn't take enough. Oh and don't get me started on videos. Oh how I regret not taking more videos of her as a baby. I think I have a total of 2 videos of when she was a baby, what in the world was I thinking?

This little lady of mine is growing each and everyday and she is getting too smart for me. When I drive home from school, I think about the person she is going to be, or at least the person I hope she is going to be. The day she comes home to visit from college. Will she be happy at her college? Will I even be there to see her or will it just be her and her daddy? Will there be another child, or 2? Will we have a a good relationship? Will she take my advice when I tell her what I have been through with boys. Boys...The thought of  boys hurting her like some did to me makes me want to put her in an all girls school. I think my dad,her brother, her future uncle and most importantly her daddy will scare them if they ever try to hurt her.:) Beware boys!
 (Her classmates)

My baby girl is growing so fast and I feel that every time I blink another few months pass by and I am just not soaking enough of her.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

 miscellany monday at lowercase letters

All of last week Jaime and I planned to visit a museum that I had to visit for a Cultural arts assignment. I thought that It would also be a great idea to take Megan with us to see all the pretty dresses. I had a pamphlet with me and I realized that The Children's Museum was right next door "The Costumes of America"(which was the museum we wanted to originally see).Megan had a really good time, and was a little reluctant to leave but who can blame her its a room filled with imagination potential. She was a Dentist, a news caster, contrustion worker, she grocery shopped. I mean who would not want to be there all day:)
She didnt like The costumes of America all that much but I liked it and it was really amazing to see different dresses. The dresses reminded me of my grandma, I think it's a memory of when I was a little girl and it's not crystal clear but I remember the dress she wore long ago when she used to take care of me.

That night Megan stayed with my mom and Jaime and I had some alone time. We stopped for some snacks, and rented the movie Battleship. Holy Cow,that movie is AWESOME! I mean really really good. It was so good that Jaime even said it was a good movie, and it does say a lot. He's a hard movie critic.hehe We also had some wine from Skinny Girl. I think Im doing this whole wine choosing thing wrong. Most of the wines I choose are not the greatest. Someone help! This wine was the first one that wasn't so bad.

Saturday was a shopping day. I feel terrible I feel like I say that every week. Oh my poor husband.:) I went to class in the early morning and was given some information about my observation hours. My mind could have exploded in that room with all the information that was given to me. Way too many things to get done for that class. We also played a game of Jeopardy to study for a midterm, It was actually pretty fun:)

I then went to my moms to get my little baby girl. She was about to leave with my aunt so my brother came along with me shopping. I told him I would buy him a sweater for the winter season. Its Texas so he does not necessarily need a jacket, it does not get that cold. We went to 5 different stores, and finally got home at about 3:00. We bought Megan's costume, she will be Little Red Riding Hood, Jaime was originally going to be the wolf but he is working that night so my brother volunteered to be the wolf, and I am going to be the grandmother. So we are all going to be characters of the fairytale story, The Little Red Riding hood. Im pretty excited about it and so is Megan. I cant wait for all of us to be in our costumes:) After all the shopping we cam home to watch shows on Netflix. I love Netflix, they keep putting new episodes in all my favorite shows. Im assuming it's because the new seasons are on now.

Shes doing "The Longhorns" sign

Sunday, Jaime and I decided to wake up early to shop at a flea Market. We bought a few stuff, and then spent some time with my mom. I also saw Once Upon a Time, I think Im a little too addicted to that show. If you have not seen that show I strongly encourage you to see that show. You will be ENCHANTED:) I started following Ginnifer Goodwin on Instagram, based on her photos she looks like so much fun to be around with. I did some digging on her and found out that she is dating her on-screen prince(Josh Dallas)!!!! It made me want to watch the show even more. I love when co-stars fall in love. It just makes the show just a little bit more interesting:) Oh gosh, Im so in love with the show.
Hope you all had a great weekend...while you are reading this Jaime and I are fishing!! We have postponed fishing for quite some time already.