Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tropical Storm Alex

Oh no another storm. This is megans second storm. First was Hurricane Dolly when Megan was in the Belly now its this one. Oh lord please help us. Pretty scared, it should be here maybe tommorrow I think we got everything, I got a bunch of water,6 sandbags, batteries, 5 flashlights, 6 candles, we were going to get a generator but it was too late. I think we are going to be ok the only thing that bothers me is the tree in front of our house and the huge rocks on the side of our house, my dad is buliding a pond and there are a thousand n' one rocks out there, So im really not sure where they are going to put those. Last time on dolly our light stayed on almost through the whole entire thing it was until my mom said "wow our light have not gone out yet", BAM!!! 5 seconds later our light turns off!! We had our grandpa at the time and he needed his air condition so everyone was looking for something to give him air it was the hardest ever. Aww and I remember when he was demanding to see grandma(his wife),the sweetest thing ever! Last time when a hurricane hit I had no idea there was even a hurricane approaching it was until like a day before it hit that I was aware, it was until a co-worker told me it was going to hit I was like "huh??" So funny. Anyways wish me luck guys. Hope everyone comes out safe from this storm. God bless.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day:)

My hunny is finally home!!I thought it was appropriate to tell you what happend that I tbought was the cutest Father daughter moment. Megan was asleep when Jaime arrived so I woke her up and I was carring her and I told her "look look who is that?" She turns to look at Jaime and she just extends her arms out, when he gets her she just puts her head on his shoulder, and Jaime starts to tear up. It was probably the cutest moment ever! He missed her alot. I knew he missed her but wow they really do have something special, they are so cute. I am worried for her though, he was told he is leaving sooner than expected and I dont see how megan is going to handle it. Well I hope everyone enjoys spending time with their daddies:)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Short scary story

So I went to the Island yesterday got a huge kiss by the sun and it is not pleasant. Anyways I was getting into the water b/c holy moly I was hot and I needed to cool off, So I took my wedding rings off and put them in the camera bag, so the day went on we ate took megan into the water which she didnt want to in the first place but when she did go in she threw a fit bc she didnt want to get out. So we were packing everything and I looked at my camera bag and holy moly my rings were Gone. My Heart fell! I wanted to cry so bad and I was panicing, I was looking and looking for it on the sand. Maybe the worst Ive felt about anything lately, luckly my sister found my rings after a couple of seconds later, I think I thanked her like a million times. It was horrible Im never going to take my rings to the beach! Lesson learned.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Not enough pictures

Ok so Im taking an oath that Im going to take more picture of Me and Jaime now. Last time I went through deployment I didnt have alot of picture of us and that was dumb but this time I have learned my lesson and Im going to take more pictures of Him and I before he has to leave. I know that Im always going to feel like I never have enough pictures, but this is what Im going to do.

oh yes and We have decided Jaime is going to be making video's for Megan while daddy is gone. Probably to a video every two weeks. So he will most likely be making about 40-some videos of him talking to Megan. Maybe He might throw me a video somewhere in there.

In a previous post, I had written that last time Jaime was deployed I took It very hard and was not myself most of the time, and I said that I'm assuming it was going to be easier now that Megan is here to keep me company when Jaime is gone. I could not have been more WRONG. I miss him alot more, not only for me but for Megan. Megan and Jaime are REALLY REALLY close I know that I don't think I can replace him when he is away. My biggest fear is that she is going to forget him, it hurts my heart just thinking about it. I was very wrong it's not's harder and hurts alot more now.

on a happy note: Jaime will be here soon in the coming days:)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I was just remembering when I was dating Jaime and we would talk about dumb stuff, I was still in high school at the time and I didnt see him much often bc well I didnt know him very good so I would not drive to his house, which I should have. Anyways I rember when he was gone to oklahoma and he was there for awhile and he was talking about MREs and I was like "what the heck is that" So he starts to explain to me what they are and Im like "oh ok astronaut food." I remember him laughing, he still laughs when I say that. He's gone right now and he is using lingo that I have no idea what they are bc well Im not used to all this military talk since he is reservist. So im looking up all this words definitions for the marines on a website. I think it's the same website I went to 3 years ago:) Im looking at the usmc gals wall on Facebook and I cant help but feel so bad for the girls who's marine's are out there. I'm scared to feel that way again. I felt it once and it was horrible, I feel like I can remember almost everyday that went by hoping and praying he would call.
*sighs* Gosh....I miss him........

Saturday, June 5, 2010


My symptoms have finally gone away it's been a cuople of days now.Yay for me:)I was so worried for myself and now I'm going to take very good care of myself. I now take a daily walk all the time at 5:00 and walk for 15 minutes it's not alot but it's enough to keep me active. It's a good thing for me and it's good for Megan b/c she loves going outside, the only thing is that it's Texas and it's summer so it's about99 degrees outside, or at least thats how it feels like:) I also started eating some cereals that are expensive but really healthy, why is America trying to stuff us with cheap but bad food for us I'll never know.

On to Megan, she is walking and I have to say she bumps into alot of things now that she is walking or I should say she falls alot. She hits her head alot and Im so on the verge of getting her a helmet to wear,Im so afraid her skulls is going to crack b/c she is always falling.She understands the difference between "No" and "yeah". It's so funny now. When I asks her if she wants something she'll be like "yeah". If I ask her if she wants something like "papa(food)" and she does not want any she will just stay quiet. Oh and oh my god she can sing along to the ABC's, she does know the abc's but she sings in her baby talk-ish. I wish I could record her,b/c she sings up a storm ALL THE TIME! She is most likley going to be in Choir or Glee lol:)

Jaime is now In A.T and will be there for awhile, we are making a huge decision and we keep going back and forth and that is..the house. We want one and we could get one now...but it always comes down to Im going to be alone and this is the experience we want together and he does not want to just live in the house with us for three months, he wants to stay there for a good while and thats not going to happen. So it's all up in the air.....We are just soooo uncertain about it. Whats the use of getting the house if we are not going to live together,I dont know but it kind of sounds dumb. Anyways thats whats going on with us

oh yes and megan has three molars coming out all at Lovely is that :)♥

Till Next time......