Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good-bye Military Life

6 years ago today my husband became a United States Marine. 
I didn't know that this amazing man would come into my life just a year later and bring this life to me.
I have to say that I have had some of the scariest time in this chapter. 
Many many sleepless nights.
Many See you laters.
3 first kisses.
Many phone calls.
Many Love letters.
Many nights sleeping alone.
 Too many of everything.
I am however blessed to have been part of this life.
 It brought a whole new family into my life.
The woman and Marines I met will forever be cherished.
These wives made deployments go by faster.
They were the ones who hugged me when I cried.
They were the ones who knew exactly how I was feeling.
I had the time of my life with this chapter. It brought the worst fears and the best times of my life.

If one of my children decide to go into the military I wont lie I will try and talk them out of it,but if they feel it is their duty to follow dads footstep and give back to their country. Then I wont stand in the way. I've always loved John F.Kennedy's quote.
 My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.-John F. Kennedy

Good Bye Marine Corps. Its been an adventure:)


Monday, June 18, 2012


I bring sad news to ya'll.
 I will not be blogging for awhile.
 Everyone say aww:)
I feel like my heart is not in it, and I really dont have time for blogging due to me being in two different schools at the same time.
Im about finished with school and I need to focus a little more on school than blogging and It literally take me an hour to write a post and I really need that hour.
We are also days away from being done with the Military and going on with our new chapter.
When I get time off I will be catching up on here but from the most part I wont be on for awhile.
I will be however reading your posts and commenting on them, I am able to do that on my Ipod, unlike a post.
I will see ya'll later:)

Friday, June 15, 2012


life rearranged

 I am not very good making waffles...tomorrow Mr. Husband is goign to attempt making waffles.

  Last weekend I had to do an Experiment which included having to dissect somethings. Gross right. I was. It was so mushy:/

 I am  huge Taylor Swift fan. If you have been following me for awhile you would know I love to listen to all things Taylor Swift.

 My husband is the Best he showed up with yummy Cupcakes for his favorite girls:) We are sooo not spoiled;)

 Megan loves taking pictures all the time with every single Ipod or camera she sees. This is just one of those photos.

I loved this Pin I found on Pinterest:) It is very very dot on Me and My Husband:)

Sorry for looking like I just woke up..I did in fact wake up. I just love the shirt my husband gave me. I was just pretty excited and showing some pride:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Husbands say the Darnest things/Opinions please

On yesterday post I told ya'll that I had my husbands banquet/graduation to go to and I needed a dress.
Well just so happens that we also have a Birthday party for a marine friend and its kind of a big deal because it's been the only one in 5 years he has been able to celebrate at home. That makes me sad. & we also have a wedding that we are invited to(which is my cousins). 
Lots of dresses to buy right?:)

Well The banquet is more important than anything else(dont tell the bride) only because it's my husband firefighter graduation and I get to meet his friends.
So it's kind of a big deal. I showed y'all some photos of the dress I was looking for.

I went shopping yesterday morning to look for a dress.
I actually found some amazing dresses at this store.

Ok before I reveal the dress, I want to say I envisioned a small brown belt with some brown shoes.
Sorry for the bad quality I did not white balance my camera
 These are the brown shoes I was thinking of wearing with the dress.

So I showed this dress to my husband  and he looked at it for like 20 seconds and I said "ok it will be for the banquet". He smiled and said "it looks like something you wear to sleep."


Does it really look like something you would wear to sleep?
Well I don't know how long I'm going to forget that response hehe.
I did tell him that he is able to pick the dress he wants to me to wear.
So wish me luck he does not choose something not pretty.
I'm going to wear this dress to possibly the wedding. Who knows?
Do ya'll think this is a good combination? Im really bad with putting outfits together.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Im loving!

Before I start with WILW have ya'll noticed that every season from Bridezillas the woman are getting worst every season. I mean they just keep getting worse with their personalities. I don;t think most woman are like that right?
I dont know how it feels to be planning a wedding but I really doubt I will be cursing at random people and threatening people. Do they not think that if they were nice they would probably get the same results, so why bother being crazy and mean.
Lets plan a wedding with dignity shall we?

Seems forever I have done a WILW and Im really excited to get back in the game:)

I am Loving I will be getting my classes for this coming fall from the University of Kingsville on the 20th!
So proud of myself!
Let the stress begin!

I am Loving our new apartment!
It is so quiet here.

I am Loving I need to buy a dress for Jaime's graduation banquet. yay!
my husband wants me to wear something teacherly...I just said you want me to wear khakis?hehehe

Im looking for something like these dresses.

I am Loving this week is not as stressful as last week was. Extremely thankful on that.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My view on 50 Shades of Grey

*Spoiler alert & some offensive sexual stuff

Let me first just say I really enjoyed this trilogy.

The first and the third book would have to be my favorite.
Christen I would say is the ideal fantasy man. Rich,sexually energetic,smart, romantic,possessive (in a sexy way), jealous..and just down right perfect.
I think my absolute favorite part of the first book was when  Ana was drunk-ish and she calls him and he sounds so worried for her and tells her "Tell me where the F**** you are", I dont think I have ever been talked to me like that with that kind  of worriedness and also in a way that he needs to be with her. I dont know I thought that was so attractive. I may be crazy though.

I dont know if this happend to any one else but for me it was extremely hard to understand just what exactly they were doing. For example with the "butt plugs" Ive never even heard of those things until I read the book. I swear to bob I didnt even understand how they did that or what exactly happened. I think I read it like 10xs and I was still like "what?!" I could not visualize it.

I had to also google some of these things in the book. Some stuff was like "oh ok I know that"..but some stuff was like "Holy moly!".
 Nonetheless I love the storyline...I read these book in no kidding 2 days. I did not do anything for 2 days but read these books every time I had. Pretty bad because I had to pay for it later with my deadlines from school but still worth it.

I loved the ending! I think the ending made it so sweet:)
I dont think this book is for everyone but I do think that if you have read them you are the few crazy people:) Just kidding. I think people are more curious than anything about these books.

Now let me ask ya'll something that went through my head about the author...How the heck did she know what all these toys and the playroom look like? Does she have one? Does someone she knows have one? and I can only assume she has tried from of these things because how would she know how it makes someone feel right? 
Those were just some of the questions in my head when I read this book.

What did ya'll think about the book?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Linking up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Internet, Oh how Ive missed you.I dont know what I would do without you. I needed your more than wanted you. Online classes is hard to do without internet but your finally here. P.S I think my daughter missed you more than I missed you.

Dear Husband,  It scares me when you tell me that fire was right in front of you. Im scared to loose you. Im sorry If I call you if you dont call me at a certain time. Im not crazy I just want to make sure your alive. Its just that I love you so much.

Dear Megan, I LOOOVVEE that you love my music. Singing in the car with you, is one of my favorite things to do with you. I still remember putting earphones on my belly so you can hear some of my music and lo and behold you love my music!

Dear Math/Algebra, I wish you didn't exists! Nuff said.

Dear Marine Corps, I cannot wait to write my Goodbye letter to you next week:)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Im still alive (photo dump)

Wow I have been really bad with my blog. I apologize really. Seriously things are getting so bad here.
I am fixing to move today again.
Im super excited to move again...but not excited to move my stuff. Its not alot anymore we threw alot of things but we still have miscellaneous things.

So I just wanted to sum up the things we have been up to since the last time I posted.

Lets start with my daughter is the smartest kid every. Im raising a smart girl over here and Im so happy and proud of her.

She had a small little graduation and a performance that Megan did, and I think Jaime and I looked like crazy parents tyring to get a video and a ton of pictures for her first performance:)

My cousin also graduated this past weekend which I cant tell you how proud I am of him:)

 I have way to many pictures In my Ipod so Im just doing to dump it on ya:)

Let me just say I have an obsession with these books. I really love Christens Character..maybe too much..but I would say this is the best adult book Ive read so far:)
I will give a review on it later.

 When I read the book this is how I pictures him..I mean dead on pictured him!

 Megan went to the Doctor and we did not have a good time. She is Anemic now So we have to give her Iron Medication now. Poor baby.

 I loved this book..its just the cutest book every. For some reason I felt like I was reading about my husband.

Math lesson!

Thats all for now,I think:)
I will post a review on the 50 shades Trilogy on a little of what I think about.