Monday, May 21, 2012

Tips & Waitresses

 I forgot to Mention to ya'll I changed the name to my blog....It completely slipped my mine it was just one of those bright ideas that was like hey what if I put "Our". I think I feel much better with it like that:)

Little Moments Like This

So lets rewind on this weekend shall we.
 I went to class and ended up having an assignment as extra credit for my first test grade which I will take what I can get because well it's psychology and Im not very good in that subject.
I also went to speak to a manager at another apartment complex and I really liked her she seemed very strict and I really like that.
Then I finished some homework up for classed while Megan took her nap time.
My sister also came to visit me for awhile and then when Jaime came home we went to Buffalo wild wings 

Here is the story about our waitress.
So we get to Buffalo wild wing, we went because my sister was telling me she had gone the night before and I then started to crave it. 
So we get to Buffalos and it takes maybe about 10 minutes for our waitress to get to us and take our drinks.
Ok she comes some time about another 10 minutes later, she we order right. Our food I think takes about 20 minutes, she then forgets to give us some napkins and I have to tell her about 5 minutes later than she about 30 minutes I asked for the cheese fries we had order and said she had forgotten about them. So what does my husband do for a tip...He gives her a whole Dollar.

Now me, I would have given her maybe 2 dollars because well lets face it, it was a Friday and we didnt know if it was her first day. I mean maybe it was who knows. Never the less he gave her a dollar. I was a little embarrased but when I went to visit my moms she said she probably would not have left her anything. I dont know if I see their point of view...Have ya'll ever had bad service and how much did you tip?

That night I had a letter that was at my moms house and it was a letter from the University Im trying to get into and it's official....I will be going to the University of Kingsville. I passed a test I needed to pass in order to get into the Education program.

We also played some Nintendo 64!That was super fun...the graphics looks crazy but still so much fun.

I woke up pretty early. My sister was going to make her First communion,she is the last one of my siblings to make her communion.

Afterwards we had some lunch at a Mexican restaurant with the whole family with my grandma, some cousins,aunts, and uncles. When we finished we headed home and stayed there for awhile for Megan to take her nap.
Then came back to my moms because well I like to bother her:P
We played some Minute to Win which I have to say some are really hard to do.

We had such a good relaxing day. We started with a little bit of fishing, a little bit of watching a movie in the afternoon and going to do some laundry at my moms & the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice.

So that was our was ya'lls?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Its Friday!!

Lets start with some Friday letters shall we:)
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Dear Neighbors
you just drew the last straw last night,because of you I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.

Dear self,
You seriously need some music in your Ipod, its getting a tad boring in the car on the way to school.
& dont worry you will pass your test just think positive thoughts.

Dear Megan,
Im sorry mommy has been so busy. Im working really hard to get us the life we are suppose to have.
I hope your enjoying the ride as we get there.
& today we may make some strawberry shortcakes like youve been asking me for all week:)

Dear husband, 
I know you want to do something about our neighborly problem but I can tell you dont know what to do.
Thanks for trying to comfort me though.

I hope all of ya'll have a good weekend, we have a couple of things planned for this weekend hopefully we tackle them:)

I apologize...

Im sorry Ive been such a debbie downer lately. Or at least thats how I feel like thats how Ive been.
Cant tell you how hectic my life has been.
And the changes we have to make again..because people are RUDE.
I didnt want to do this to Megan because I know it's not good for her but then again noisy people are not good for her either.

I just had to hug her and apologize to her that we were moving again for the second time. 

I felt so bad and I still feel bad but I cant do that to us and Im sure this new place is better and even though I feel like Im throwing money left and right I feel alot better where we are going and it is the second to the last move we will ever make:)

I will push this home buying for the end of the year. Cross fingers.

But here are some Instagram photos I took this week. I didnt take alot. I got alot going on and have little time to breath.

 I recieved a strawberry shortcake maker, and it was the easiest fastest thing every! They were made in 6 minutes. The think was super hot but still it was really fast and easy.

 This is Megan with her Strawberry shortcake...she looks so funny. She was picking up her shoulders.

 So today we were eating some pudding and half way through eating it Megan said "why does it taste weird"...I said the same thing and then I looked at the pack and it said Sugar Free. Yuck. It really taste weird...I think Im going to have to give this pudding to my momma. She loves sugar free stuff.

 I went to the Doctors and holy moly these animals on the bottom really gave me the creeps. I think it gave me the creeps because I had a bad dream about some wild animals and that just pushed me over the edge. I also went to the pharmacy and all the old medication we were interesting:)

 Megan was going through some of the boxes that have some of her  toys and she found this Disney that one of Jaime's friends bought her while at Disney world. She made me wear it too and even took a picture of me...but it's a pretty embarrassing photo so no thank you, I will keep that to myself:)

I started School on Monday and already feel so overwhelmed. Thankfully I made some new friends that are in my other classes that can help me with the courses. I feel lucky about that part.
I'm pretty sure I will be ok but it's just alot of classes. I dont think it would be so bad if I didnt have Bio II but I do:(

I will be getting my Associate in December:) Im so proud of myself..I still have a year and a half to go for my bachelors but I know I can do it:)

Have a good Saturday:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Little Moments Like This

 I think I mentioned I got de registered from school. I had zero classes and I was freaking out and about to cry because I had reserved those classes like 2 months in advance so I was so sad. Luckly I got all my classes again and I got them paid for:) Yay! Im so excited and happy.
 In the evening We had the Pizza deal from Pizza hut..Holy crud was that good!
 We had such a good laid back evening.

 we went Mothers day shopping! It was so hot outside, I was wearing some jeans and I vowed to myself that I would not wear any jeans on Sunday.

 We bought this awesome back pack for myself! I really needed a backpack!

 We woke up at about 8:00am and Jaime I started on breakfast. Pancakes and scambled eggs with bacon. Yum! We started to get ready after we ate and headed out the door to see the mama's and the grandma's.

 This was the card I made for my mom and my grandma's.
I used shutterfly..and let me tell ya. It was a hit!

 Presents from my family!!

 This is me with my momma. I got her a wreath and an oval mirror. She loves mirrors:)

 We took a picture before we left to see our family. We took like 10 pictures Megan was off in lala land the whole time.

 A present from Megan. I love the little poem. She insisted I open her present on Friday.she was just so excited she could not hold it in.

 My present with my balloons my dad gave me:)

 Pictures with the Little girl that made me a momma.

 My family with my grandma..I have another picture with Me,Jaime and Megan. I really needed to take a picture with all of us with my grandma.

 My Grandma!She is my absolute favorite Grandma in the world! She is extremely hilarious and she dresses up so beautifully even though she is like 90 something years old hehehe.

:) I love this little one,she lights up my life and is the craziest little one also.

My neighbors and their sex life

* Please dont read any further if you get easily offended by anthing sex talk related.

So Ive live in my apartment for about 1 week already and in that week my neighbors have had sex at least twice. How do I know?, because their bed is aparently out dated and the springs are insanely loud! and thats not even counting the times they dont use the bed

The first time was pretty funny when I could hear the springs...the second time...yeah not so much.

Seriously can you have sex any louder?

I keep telling myself as long as they dont wake up Megan it's ok.

Im so ready to move.

So what am I going to do today...

after my class and my doctor visit I will be calling to some places to see if they have space or if I can be put on a wait list.

Im going to assume also that these people are not married.

The only reason I say that is because I think the average married couple have sex about twice a week.
Then again depends how long you have been married.

Normally I would not care about people having sex but geez when your about to go to sleep it's super annoying!!

I would like to tell the owner of the apartments but I really dont want to have beef with these neighbors because they seem like the type to give not give a crap about anybody elses feelings & what if they are even louder? So thats why I would rather just leave it alone and just move out. We still have a lease but I cant wait till its over:)

Has anthing thing like this has happend to ya'll and how did you handle it?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters


Happy Friday!!!!

Dear Husband, 
Ive been loving our evenings and dinner with you! I love hanging out on the sofa watching something or just plain cuddling on the sofa:)

Dear College,
I cant believe you said I have 100 credit hours...for some reason I dont believe you...

Dear Self,
I give you props for not freaking out on being alone in the apartment with Megan. You seem to be growing up and being braver than usual:)

Dear Friday,
I dont know what your problem is...but please look up. I got deregistered at school and  the tub and toilet was overflowing.WTH. The plumbing has fixed but still dont get worse please.(or if you do wait till Jaime comes he'll know what to do)

Dear Rude lady,
I dont know what I did to make you loose your patience. I mean I was not even there with you for that long. & I was being super nice with your...why didnt you just be nice back and gotten over whatever you were going through.


Ok this is going to be a little random

School: I start summer semester on Monday. Yay! Im so excited I cant wait to go back to school. 2 weeks off are enough for me, I feel like I have not been in school in forever! I bet when I start Im going to be saying gosh I need a break lol

The move: Oh gosh the move was brutal, I am so sore from the last 4 days. We are finally settled right now. 
We still have some boxes to throw but we are done unpacking. We have so much stuff, its crazy.

 On Tuesday I had an at&t tech man come in to put in some internet and I told him "Im not a hoarder I just moved in" The guy just laughed and said it's not a problem he understood.

These pictures are random from the last 4 days:)

All the books we have & there are still more in the closet

Side table

The entrance 

The 2nd day of moving

Some of the shoes we found...we found way more but we just kept giving them to people and donating our clothes. I wanna say we have donate 15 bag filled of clothes from Me,Jaime and Megan.

Megan's new TOMS

An old jacket from San Diego

Old cup of Megans

1st costume of Megans

My neighbors: Some of them are really nice..and some of them are pretty weird and wild. I hope it goes smooth, but so far we are pretty comfortable and having fun just us three.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

San Antonia Part 2

Saturday we I woke up about 6:45am to get ready. I checked facebook and instagram,
doesnt everyone do that in the morning.hehehe

About 7:30 I started waking up the sleepy heads, they take forever to wake up in the morning.

So we head out about 8:25 and eat some breakfast at crackel barrel( I think that is what it is called)
 It was very different and I felt pretty bad because I had no idea it was a restraunt because when we walked in it was a store.

After a yummy Breakfast we headed out for Sea World!!!

 First off I got to say It was extremly HOT and I need to seriously express the word HOT I mean like the hottest of the hottest! It was terrible but Im assuming it's like that in every park.
We had a great time, we did learn that I should have brought a stroller, because we left early due to her being asleep and we could not carry her any longer. So we did leave about 3:00 but it's ok we saw a couple of great shows:)

We went to Fuddruckers that night and stayed in due to the thunderstorm that night. Pretty awesome right?! lol

I cant wait to go again hopefully have more time than just the weekend.

I will give you an update on life for me right now:)