Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Embarassing)Baby shower pictures

When we went to my cousins baby shower a few weeks ago I had no intention of playing games. They have a huge family and I didnt feel like embarrassing myself in front of people I didnt know. I just felt like eating food and cake hehehe.
My husband is someone who likes to "party" but NOT in the same way as a college dude.
He likes to be active in things that are going on. Im the complete opposite. Usually when I do things it's because of him.

So here are our Embarassing photos my little sister took of us playing a diaper game.
Its more embarrassing for my husband..I just felt bad because it took me so long to figure it out.

Finished product

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Loves!

Tonight I have a class at 6 for Texas History. Im kind of glad I have a class where I get to see the teacher face to face,having online classes are so different I feel like I have so much loose time. Which has not really been the case. Since Ive started school I have been doing work non-stop. I have just enough time to breathe. Speaking of starting school my news feed Monday morning was filled with kids first day of school, I thought it was so adorable and I could not help but think of Megan. I am so glad she had not started Elementary school yet. Next year I think she starts though but next fall can wait:) For today Here is what Im loving this Wednesday.

 I am Loving my daughter!She makes me laugh so much, yesterday she was doing a face that was just so hilarious I could not stop laughing and when I did stop,she did it again and I had to laugh again.It was so funny. & she is also the very reason I am sick,she gave me a cold and I really dislike colds. I get colds at least 7 times a year.

 2. I am Loving the strawberry I made yesterday out of Playdoh. I will admit to you all, after my husband saw how awesome my strawberry was he decided to up his game in the competition and made an Ipod Playdoh.heheh mine was still better:)

 3. I am Loving that Fall is right around the corner.Seriously I am so ready to be in bed with the cover and drinking some hot chocolate while watching a movie in bed with Megan and Jaime. Ooo and Thanksgiving and then soon after Christmas:) Oh lordy I cant wait. I snagged these cute Owls this morning hopefully Jaime does not use them and is aware they are only for decoration.
*Jaime loved the owls, he was just as excited as me.

4. I am Loving I found this book at the library. I had the same book when I was a kid, and I remember reading it. It was a cute blast from the past. I think I have read about 30 childrens books from the library for an assignment and Im so pooped from reading. My husband was shocked when I told him I was tired from reading...he text back saying I cant beleive YOUR saying that. Reading is my favorite so It was a bit of a shock to him that I said I was tired of reading.

 5. I am loving the way the Children section at the library is very well decorated. There is a puppet show and some art on the walls. You cant see it because It is on the other side of the wall. Some lady was also there painting the wall of nursery Rhymes like Jack in the beanstalk and Three billy goats gruff.

 I am Loving I am having to study for my state Exams already:) I know alot of people would wonder why thats is one of my loves but this is an exam I thought I would never take. Its been a long journey.

I am Loving most of my books have came in already, all Im missing is my fundamental math book and Im set for the semester. I didnt really like spending all the money I did on these book but some of them I found really cheap and others were over the top ridiculous amount of money:/

Forgot to mention: do you remember this post about the baby shower and how Jaime forced me to play games...well thanks to my sister taking pictures of us, you can see them tomorrow on the blog:)

What are you loving today?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Here we go again.....

 This weekend was a rather interesting one. We played a game of charades,some family drama, some shopping and whole lot of writing. First though I would like to say I will be starting a new school tomorrow! I have already been scrolling through my classes and does it look like a lot but it is something that I feel so passionate about and I think once I get in the classroom (sometime in September) I could put the pieces together from the classroom to my students classroom. I will be doing around 80 hours each semester and I have 5 semesters left so whew! that's a lot of hours in the classroom but I feel very comfortable knowing that I will have a ton of experience in the classroom before I have MY classroom.

Before I tell you in detail about my weekend I forgot to mention that I changed my blog design/header again, you may have noticed the change on Friday. I like this one better I like the Apple because of what my passion is and of course my baby girl. I would have put a firefighter hat but it would not fit when I tried putting it in. Maybe I will make another somtime in November when Im done with fall semester. 

 On Thursday we watched our favorite show Big Brother. This season is by far my favorite,but then again I may say that every summer. Lots of twist and a lot of hitting and missing on some players. Do ya'll watch Big Brother? I think my favorite players are Ian and Britney.

 On Friday I kind of had a day planned with Megan but I wanted to incorporate Jaime so we waited for him to get out of work so we could all go together.  Well turns out he had a tough day and didnt feel like having the day I had planned. Which I completley understand,so we went to my moms and had a BBQ at their house. We played some charades, with guys(my dad,brother,Jaime and my sisters boyfriend) against girls (me,my mom,two sisters against) and for the second time the guys won again. So me and my sister said we would play against them (we were playing against my husband and her boyfriend this time) so we played for 5 turns and ended up being we had ties so we went for a tie breaker and well...long story short we still ended up in a tie after 2 or 3 tie breakers. Oh and I forgot to mention I had been watching Season 7 of How I met your mother during nap time. Cannot wait for this upcoming season.

Saturday we woke up late and I spent some time on my checking up on some books that were on their way. I had received my Texas History books and some clothes that I had ordered for Megan yesterday and I knew that were still some packages left. We left from our house about 1:00 to do some shopping for teacher clothes and for some ice cream. Jaime had informed me that his team which by marriage means my team as well(thanks Rebekah for that..I say it all the time now) was going to play tonight so I told him very excitedly(if thats a word) to get some football food! Wings,beer,ranch,chips well instead we got some wings,ranch dressing, forgot the chips, and tater tots. He had been having a headache since yesterday will all the screaming of the charades game(we take that game seriously) so he didnt want the beer. The food was still really really good! Our team didnt win....... bbbuuuutt Dallas Cowboys did (childhood favorite football team)!!!! We also got some Frozen yogurt but it taste more like Icecream and it was delicious Megan and I shared the cup we got some chocolate and lots of M&M our usual for every Icecream. Megan also got a little boy doll(ken) because her girl dolls have been boyfriend/girlfriends with woody and buzz.

Sunday was a lazy day I pretty much stayed in and did some work for my classes. Got a jump start on some work I need to get started on. Tomorrow I have a full day of doing things for school and plus Megan goes back to school. I am thinking really hard about her going to ballet classes. Im leaning more on her being a cheerleader when she begins school. We will see I want her to be in a sport or something that she will enjoy.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

My time on the death chair(dentist)

Since last week one of my right molars has been bothering me when ever I ate. It had been giving me headaches as well. I think it hurt worst last week than it did this week. So my mom set me an appointment at her Clinic to see a dentist. I think Ive mentioned this before, Im SCARED of the the dentist office, walking past all the room and hearing the drills really scares me and gives me anxiety.

I knew I had to get myself looked at because something obviously was wrong.
They took some X-rays and I sat on "the death seat" I was really nervous but she said that something happend to my filling and that she wanted to redo my filling so I said ok. 

So the dentist first numbed my mouth a little and then  poked me, now this shot felt like it was going right through my mouth and I took hold of the seat. 

Then the worst part came "THE DRILL", now please note my tooth had been hurting to the touch and apparently I had been" numbed" on that tooth.
I kid you not, I felt every part of that drill, I think of myself as pretty good with pain as long as I dont think about it. It was the worst pain Ive felt in awhile. I was close to crying but I didnt I just kept reminding myself it was just pain and I absolutely needed to do this. 
After they were done drilling me, and inserted the filling, I could not feel a thing of what they were doing.
Im assuming because my tooth was very sensitive, that was why I was feeling so much pain when they were drilling me.

Worst experience ever. The bad part is I still need to get more fillings on some other teeth.
I dont like Dentists,clearly.

I could not smile on this picture, I was numb from the right side of my mouth and I was too scared to bite myself.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(WILW)Yes,Another Taylor Swift song

Yesterday I had my first orientation at my new school.
I am officially starting school at Texas A&M Kingsville and I could not be more excited and nervous.
The orientation took awhile it was suppose to be from 5:00-6:00 but we didnt leave till 7:00 pm.
Yesterday was also my dads 47th birthday. He is still so young now that I think about it.

I hope ya'll are having a fabulous Wednesday so far, it is very cloudy here and looks like it is close to raining.
I love days like this. Lets get on to What Im loving on this amazing Wednesday because I have a ton to share:)

What Im loving Wednesday
I am Loving my Ipod. Dont know what I would do without it.

I am loving the new Taylor swift song.Its another song that reminds me of my high school days. If ya'll have not heard it go to Youtube you will not be disappointed. This is now Megans favorite song, the first time she heard it she said "Momma can you put it on my Ipod?" Yes she has an Ipod and no it is not new its a very old Ipod. It used to be my Ipod.

Do you all recognize this man?
 His name is Michael Fassbender. You may recognize him from Shame,Ignorious bastards, or from Jane Eyre. I have a slight celebrity crush on him. hehehe he is part of my lovings for Wednesday. How could he not be?:)

I am Loving this book. It is not written by Jane Austen but it is still a good book and it shows the life of Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy's marriage. I was actually lucky I found it at a thrift store, I had been searching on Amazon and didnt want to pay full price for it so went to the local thrift store and bought it for 2 dollars. Which was better than most prices online.

I am loving these flowers, I saw them while I was grocery
 shopping and they caught my eye. Pretty flowers:)

I am Loving this strawberry glaze pie I made two days ago.
My mom used to make these pies for me and my little sister when we were smaller. They will always be a symbol of my childhood:) I think this is the second time I make a pie for Jaime and Megan. Megan does it like it all that much but I think if Jaime had the chance, he would eat it all by himself.

I am Loving the shoes I bought my dad. He never really buys himself anything, he's a good dad what do you expect?:) So I bought him a pair of shoes, I need to return them to get a different size,I  apparently bought them too big. 

 That Is all for now, I hope you all have a great Wednesday,my husband just called telling me I have to take him his belt that he forgot for his uniform. Oh what would he do without me?:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Too much shopping

This past weekend we dropped off my sister back at Corpus for school.
All of my family went to drop her off. 
Her dorm is small but cute.
She fixed it so nice already.
Hopefully she does not mind I put this picture up.
In case your wondering, that painting was hand drawn by one of her friends, it's breathtaking.
We ate breakfast at a place called Andy's Kitchen and me and Jaime's stomachs apparently did not like the food all that much.

 My younger sister and Jaime

Our mom bought her some groceries as well to start her off and we also stopped at a Thrift store because her dorm did not come with a chair,weird.

They found a chair but I dont exactly know why they didnt buy it. I guess they can tell me later why they didnt.
I however found some pretty nice stuff.

I found some books that I thought were so cute. One of them was about the months of the year and the other was "If you give a pig a party".

 I found some dresses for Megan,there are three but the photo of the other keeps coming out upside down.
  & I also found this little guy. Heheh thought it was so cute.

That was pretty much our weekend,we were pretty tired from the traveling. Today though I finished the last errands I needed for school. All my classes are paid at tstc and Im just now waiting on the University to pay for my other classes. I will be taking a total of 6 classes this semester one which is a lab which requires me to go into the schools to observe:)Yay! Im really proud of myself that this will be my last year in school! well I think it will be Ive been thinking about getting a masters in US history...maybe one day.

I also did some back to school shopping for Megan. I only need a pair of shoes for her and she is ready to go.

& of course I stopped by at Target to pick up some clothes for Megan. As I was walking towards the cashiers to pay I heard the melody of the Hunger games. It was like it was calling out to me:)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schlitterbahn Monday

Last Friday I mentioned I would blog about our time at Schlitterbahn.
Lets first off start with  I had a Final that morning Ekk, so to make things a little smooth. I dropped off Megan that night before at my moms house so she could go with my family and me and my sister would catch up later. So on that Monday morning I studied and went on my way to school to study some more in the classroom. About 10 minutest later the Fire alarms go off.

Now what Im thinking is "I need to get out of here,I need to get out of here".
I think I was the second one out of the classroom.
Im sorry Fires scare me..and my husband is a firefighter hahaha
So everyone is out of the building and it took about 15 minutes for the fire alarms to finally turn off and
we were welcomed in again.

I took my final and finished in 30 minutes which was later than I had anticipated.
I headed to my moms house and by 1:00 my sister and I had made it to the park and was with my mom.

 There wasnt too many people inside the park, however I dont think that the workers in the front knew a whole lot about what they were doing. My sister and I were getting pretty upset about the workers in the front of the park. I guess there was just too many people in the front of the park where you get your tickets.

I was really excited to see Megan and my mom told me that she was out in the water with my dad and my other siblings. I was pretty anxious when she told me my dad took her with him on the rides. I mean she is a 3 year old. So I could not wait to see her. I had to use the restroom and as I was walking to the front of the park I notice my baby girl in a tube with her grandpa! I was so excited.She was staring at me like "is that my mom" and when I started to wave at here she started waving. I could not wait to hold her.

She was hungry so I fed her some sandwhiches that my mom had made for us. What she really wanted was to get back out in water. My dad told me that she went on some rides and I was just shocked.I am not the type of parent to do some daredevil things with my daughter in tow. Im terrified of rides already so to put my baby in there with me too you can muyltiply that by 100. So me,my sister,my brother,and my mom,and my other sister went on some rides and just floated.

I think I took too many photos of us. Then again who doesnt take way too many photos of their families and their adventures.
Oh I forgot to mention...I bet ya'll are wondering where my husband is at?Poor guy had to go to school.He cant miss one day of school. I told him to ask his chief for at least this one day off. I think he had a test to take that day so he couldnt.

We did have a good time. I think we spent about 2 hours in the water, and we were done. Megan and I did get on three rides. I only took her in the rides because she had already been on a few. I was pretty fascinated by her. She is a daredevil for sure. She would cover her eyes and she would say "There mom?There?" It was too cute! She would not cry and she didnt want to get off so I think she enjoyed herself. We need to go back again this time with Jaime.

Before we went home my siblings and I went to DQ for a mini blizzard.Yum!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Too GOOD to be true (clothing website)?

I was on pinterest today and I notice this really cute pin from a person I was following. Then I read the bottom of the pin.


Now the first thing I thought was Oooo that is super cute!
Second thing I thought was how much is it?
{Looked at the corner]
What $9.00?!!?
That does not sound right?Then I checked what the pinner said..
Then I checked the website..
Call me crazy but that website does not look legit.
It looks very suspicious right?
What do ya'll think?

Great buys & Megan's list

A week before my final exams I made a list that had all the things I wanted to do with Megan because the poor girl has not had her full mommy and daddy due to school. I really want this mini break to be about her. So I made a list of things to do with her,Ive crossed out some things already but I still have plenty to do.

Mini break with Megan:
Make Oobleck
Go shopping-I would scratch this off but when am I ever done shopping=)
Go to Sweet spot
Take Pictures of her
Go to the movies
Have a movie date theme date
Make some crafts

I still have a lot more to go but Its only been 4 days of my break. Recently, we've been doing some shopping and got some great buys.  We are always on a budget, we have to be, college books are not cheap and having a little girl requires lots of money. I dont think a boy is as expensive but then again I would not know I just have a little girl.hehehe

So the items you will see are from The dollar tree, Target and Kmart. None of the items were more than 3 dollars.

I found these cups in the $1 aisle at Target,I love that section! They also had some neat items for Teachers. It is one of the sections I will be stopping by when they give me a grade level I will be doing my hours this semester. We've already had a bad experience with Megan and glass cups, she will no longer be drinking out of a glass cup. Have to have plastic cups for kids. Lesson learned.

 These plates, if you can believe it I found at the Dollar Tree arent they pretty? I love these type of plates..they look so fancy.

 This cup was pretty neat. We are Coca-Cola addicts. Its a bad thing, we cant seem to get away from and when I found these glasses, I was in awe with it. There were some others but they looked really heavy and too tall but this one was just right.It is light weight and not too tall. 

I have been needing some towels b/c all of our towels got lost in transition with both moves and wounded(sp?) up in some kind of a towel world to never return. So I had to go out and buy some towels. These cute towels, I found at Kmart.They were having some sort of a towel sale on designed and monogrammed towels. Unfortunately I could not find a "G" towel but I did love these designed towels. They are so pretty and so "me and Megan". They were $2.33

So those were our pretty neat and reasonably priced items I found with Megan=)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Anniversary weekend recap

Warning long post..but lots of pictures:)
Our Fifth Anniversary would have to be hands down one of the best Anniversaries so far. Then again I think he's only actually been here with me for 2 anniversaries yep, thanks Marines.

During his lunch he brought me some flowers:)
 One rose for every year:)

So I wanted for this year to be extra special. I first started with my hair and It took me an hour to get it just right. I have some bloopers to show before the actual hair-do.

I was trying to get my hair a ceratin way that I saw on Pinterest. They make it look so darn easy.

 This is what I was trying to do.
 They should have put a caption that says not an easy hair do with ladies that have Layers. I have lots of layers and I thought this was going to be an easy hair-do and it wasnt.
This was my first try. I was so determined to get that little strand inside. So I tried two more times. It took me so long because I was trying to make a little twirl in the front so it could fall together but that wasnt going so well for me.

 Here is another try. I am almost getting there,Ive gotten a few strands more inside my little loop.

Then I got here=)Buuuttt then I took a picture of it and it was to the side. At this point I was a little frustrated with my hair.I didnt take it apart I just got the left side and lifted it slightly. 

I was extremly satisfied with my hair. It was not perfect but it was still really pretty.

After putting more pins it was near perfect. My mom really liked the hair-do,it was not too fancy and very me=)

I said we would be going to the Island for dinner but I remembered that we had never been to Olive garden together.He went once when he was a kid and I went when I was 15. I really wanted to try olive garden with him. Its more special when your with your husband.

My mom was so sweet she gave us a little anniversary present. She payed for our meal at Olive Garden.It was really sweet and unexpected.Thanks momma:)

Jaime and I loved Olive Garden.It's definately "us". We are the old couple that likes quiet.Oh geez we are so old:) I was shocked he loved it there but I think it's because we had time to talk and it was easy to hear him. I had looked at the menu online so I already knew what I wanted but the poor guy had no idea what to get.heheh Our meals were delicious and I will most likey get the same thing next time because it was oh so good. It was such a great dinner:)

After dinner we went to see what they were showing at the movies...we were going to stay at home and watch a movie but at the last minute we decided to watch a movie at the movies.
The movie that we wanted to watch was Ted. It started at 8:10 and It was 7:15 so we had some time to kill so we stopped by at The Bass Pro Shop.

At this moment I recieved a Text that my cousin was in Labor.I think I kind of scared the guy that was next to me because I sort of jumped up. She was 5 centimeter dilated around 7:45 and jumping ahead baby boy was born around 2 in the morning.
We watch Ted and it was funny but it was kind of stupid funny. Its a good movie but I would watch Magic Mike over that movie any day.

Our cake traditon continued and we had a chocolate truffle cake this time around:)
It was really cute..we blew our candle out together,usually we have our own candle but this time we used one and we blew it out together=)

We exchanged cards and gifts. I got him an xbox headset.I felt pretty bad because I thought we were not going overboard with gifts this year and my husband, being who he is, didnt get the memo. Its o.k though because he will be turning 25 in 4 days and I will make a comeback=)

Jaime bought me this movie and I think Ive watched it at least 7 times since Friday, It is my favorite movie.I think it's because Ginnifer Goodwin is my favorite actress.

 I thought it was so adorable that he scratched off the 100 anniversary to the 5th anniversary:)

 Pretty:) We will be putting in some holders on this board,Im pretty excited I will have a post on how that goes.

 He also got me some art:)We have a goal that one day we will visit Venice Italy just the two of us and now we have a photo to remind us not to forget about our destination goals:)

We were a little sugar high and I didnt sleep till 2 in the morning. It was a great Anniversary and it was I dare say "Perfect".

On saturday we had a birthday party  to go to but around 4:00 Megan fell asleep on my mothers bed, when we were going to leave, so we decided to leave her there and go to the birthday party without her. It was really cute,it was a birthday theme of Mickey and Minnie and the kids were in a inflated water slide.Not sure what they are called exactly.
 My husband playing outside with my sister's boyfriend's remote control helicopter

 There cute little apple dipped chocolate were at the party.They were very delicious.

My husband Marine buddies that we still keep in contact with:)

Sunday was a relaxed day and spent some time with my brother and sister.My sister has a little event planned for her boyfriend that I think is amazingly cute. I will be taking pictures for her on that day.

My brother was talking but apparently he could not hear himself.Weird:)

Well if your still with me please give youself a pat on the back:) Im sorry it turned out so long.
 What do you order at Olive Garden?Do you have any traditions on you anniversaries?

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