Monday, February 28, 2011

What works for my marriage, may not work for yours...

I was with a couple of my friends on Sunday and I could not help but notice how they talk about their husbands and what they do with them,and how they are with them.

Please note: I love these girls & their marriages are in great shape Im just pointing out something I noticed.

I realized that most of the things that go on, on their marriage does not work for mine.

Example: In the last minute we were told we could visit our husbands and the price to a ticket was close to a thousand just for the ticket! of course  you also have to add hotel and car and food and the list goes my husband and I talked about it and we both decided that spending close to 2,000 for just 1 day and a half was just crazy.

So my friend was telling me that she spent all that money without telling her husband and she went to visit him. I dont know if that is cute or stupid. Anyways she said her husband was upset at first but after awhile he didnt really care.

Now if I had done that to Jaime after we had discussed it,he would have hung me and would not have let me forget it =)

Here is another example:
My husband and I have this strict no cursing rule, we may be old fashion, but NEVER NEVER have we ever cursed at each other. I think the worst Ive called him is a jerk, but he admits he sometimes is. Even when we have an argument we just say what we want to say without bad words. Thats not hard at all if you really try it.

So my friends were telling me something about their husbands and they were cursing about them!! Ugh I felt like nails on a chalk board. I hardly ever curse. I can,t it sounds disgusting on a woman.(my opinion).  I know what you thinking "dude you can't be serious!"

Yes occasionally I do curse when things are not going my way but I say them, when no one is near me.

I just wanted to share this observation,that I thought was very interesting.

oh and btw I finally got my laptop!
& Im trying to change my background,which is the reason why
it looks all weird :)hehe

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here we go again.......

So it's Official....we have started Deployment #2 and most likely our last one.
Last deployment I was a wreck, I mean I cried everysingle day, in class, at church, at the market. I mean I was not strong at all, which was probably the reason I fell into depression last time.

This time is different, I know Im strong enough this time, and the person who is making me not think so much of Jaime is my princess. Im so blessed to have her with me,she keeps me on my toes everyday. So it's been a couple of days since he has been overseas and I have not shed a tear which I am proud of myself.

I hope ya'll dont get me wrong, I wish I could cry, I really do. But my daughter gets this worried face when she sees me cry so I most likely wont be crying in front of her. & if I let all my feelings show I really will probably fail all my classes like I did on last deployment, and I cant afford to do that again. My GPA is really really high for me to go under depression.

I already did his 1st carepackage already:)
I think I did a pretty good job at it, if I do say so myself:)

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile I have been in a bloggy funk:P
But Im sure only a few of you read this anyways:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The best day with you=)

Sunday was probably my favorite day with my daughter since she's turned 2,which she just turned 2.
She is the cutest little thing ever.
She is such a character now and she is very smart,
she knows what she wants and does not and she will tell you.
My favorite time with her is when she is running or twirling or dancing.
Oh my that makes my whole day all the time.
Im very very happy with just my baby girl, for now.
Yesterday I realized that Im not ready for another baby
Im having way too much fun with my little munchkin.
Im sure hubbs is really happy to hear that:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday-(weekend recap edition)

Im watching High school Musical! I love that movie<3
One of my best friends and I were so into this movie back in our high school days.

[UPS] So remember when I post about my hubby and his comp.
I sent in Jaime's computer finally!
Im really hoping I did not get any numbers wrong on the address and everything comes out ok in the end.
Hopfully I will know if they are going to be able
 to fix the computer or give us a brand new one.
Im secretly hoping for a new one, but having the computer back,fixed, is just as good:)

{Best Buy} I went to a Best Buy to buy me and Jaime a netbook and a laptop. The netbook for him and laptop for me. Later on we'll get a desktop but for now we are buying abother laptop. So the best buy that is closest to where I live is about 20 minutes away if I go on the expressway. When I arrived I had a hard time getting Megan together and her diaper bad and everything else she needed. I went inside and went straight to the computer section and of course all the workers were busy so I waited for them to finish with their costumer. I finally get some help after 30 minutes:(
Come to find out neither of the computers we were was looking for were in stock:(
I was so sad, I was really looking forward to getting a new laptop.
So I had to buy both computers in a couple of days I will have a new comp!!! Yay!

{Abby Jo} Megan and I went to a birthday party this weekend it was one of our little cousins,she turned 2 just like Megan. They are only 10 days apart!

These are just some of the pictures I took at the party


{Outlet mall} On sunday a friend of mine and I went to the outlets because Im so in need of some good pair of pants(not that I bought them) instead I bought Megan some clothes,whats new right?:)
We had a tough time with our 2 and 3 year olds so we could not really shop but I still had a good time.
We are gonna go shopping again next weekend just me and her and possible another girl we know:)
I am though kind of regreting going shopping because Im so in pain with my legs and we have no advil or tylenol medication!!AHH! This is what I get for being out of shape:p

I took a few shots of Megan being super cute!

She is such a shopaholic, every store she was like "look mommy" and then she would get  down some clothes and show them to me,  I bought her some shoes and she would not stop talking about them and showing them to her grandma and grandpa:) she is so cute!

We also had a BBQ that day too.
 To sum it all up.
 Perfect weekend:)

Dont forget to link up on all the fun:)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Life as We Know It ♥

There are no words that can describe this movie.

Almost everything that they had to do with their baby, Jamie and I did.
From the trying to get her to eat to getting upset because the stroller does not open.
If you have not seen this movie yet you need to see this movie.
Especially if your are planning to get pregnant soon or already have a baby.
It's a very very sweet and lovely movie!

I cant wait to have another 5 years:(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a simple sweater can do to a wife.

I received my husbands package today in the mail=)


and it was just stuff for Megan that a fellow marine bought for her=)
& she loved all the stuff that was in there.

& then I saw a sweater and it was wrapping my husbands computer because my husband was the genius that thought he could put more memory in it.

oh Jaime=) I love you.
Your an auto mechanic not a computer wiz=)

So when I took the computer out I smelled his shirt and
oh my god, I could not stop smiling and crying.
It smells so much like him.
I felt like a creep that smells peoples clothes for a second but gosh I really really missed smelling my husband.

It's my husbands scent & I missed it so much<3
It made my whole day!

It made me realize that a simple shirt could make my whole day bright up.
It was the best.

The famous sweater=)

On to other news: I sent my husband a Valentines package,which I think I mentioned it, well..
I sent it on Express mail which mean it usually gets there in two days!
I paid a good penny for that to get there ASAP because I dont know when my husband is leaving so I needed it to get there fast.

So I check the status of it yesterday and it said it was at the camp but that no one was authorized for sign for it! So after calling some people and trying to figure out why my husband had not recieved it....

He finally received it a couple of hours ago and he loved it! or  at least thats what he says.
maybe he's just saying it so I wont feel bad.
I am the worst gift giver, which is why I dread Christmas:/

His box contained Two psp games, one was a hunting game(he's a country boy at heart)
and a war game,which I was not too sure of getting him because I think he has like all of them but I still bought it for him, some chex mix covered in chocolate, Some other kinds of chocolates,Pistachios, and a sock monkey,and a valentines day card=)
I would have gotten him more things and food but my husband is EXTREMELY picky!

I miss him. Im sorry I talk about him alot. He really is my best friend.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 What Im loving wednesday
hosted by Jamie

1). I am loving that I'm finally done with Megans party.
These are just a few pictures,there are too many I took

This is Megans cousin

2).I am loving that my sister look so beautiful in her dress for Vanity Fair.
Vanity Fair is a Valentines dance that they have at her high school

3).I am loving that I will be getting a new laptop:) I really do need one. The one I have right now has a virus and well lets just say that I cant even send out emails because Im afraid people are going to get viruses from me:(

4) I am loving that I have to take Megan to the doctors for a check up and she does not need any shots!!=)
I have a hard time taking her all the time because she hates it there:(

5) I am loving GLEE! In my opinion they sing the songs better than they original artist but thats just me. Never liked the song 'Baby' from Justin Bieber before until I saw glee last night:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Gift of Netflix

So I just got Netflix about three weeks ago and I have been hooked on some of the shows that they have on there. I am now up to date with 'Brothers & Sisters' and I am now on Grey's Anatomy. It is just so addictive especially season 5! I mean wow!

On my dvd queue is the Season 2 of True Blood! I love this show. Its so addictive! My cousin said it's the adult version of  Twilight but I love twilight better than True blood but then again thats just me. I love Twilight.=)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day 2011:)

Phone pic

My husband is known to be different:) He's a sweetheart:)

I love you baby!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How the hubbs got home in below 20 degrees.

There was a huge winter storm as most of you know that
 happened around the 1st to the 5th of February.
My husband was scheduled to come home for a 96.
He did come home to my surprise! The only thning was that his flight got canceled when he arrived to Dallas.  Luckly there was a flight from Dallas to Austin.
 So they took that one.
So when they arrived to Austin they thought hey lets drive home from here.
All flights were being canceled left and right so they got a rental and headed home in the horrible storm, so for 7 hours I was a wreck I mean I was worried like crazy!!

My dad was about to head to the store and he says "ok so does anyone want anything."
I was like "yes something with alcohol would be nice."
Oh I was so worried for my husband. He's a very brave man to have came home in the freezing weather.

 So this is Thursday when the storm was really bad. And my hubby and the other marine headed home on a rental from Austin to the south of Texas.
It was a very very long drive and when I saw that car pull in the drive way.
 I had to run to him and give him a very big hug.
 It was just a relief when I saw him. Hes very special to me<3

He told us there was ice on the roads and he saw crashes. Oh gosh Im just so happy he was home, when he was telling us what happend on the way home.

I slept so peaceful that night & I was so happy he was home with us even though a couple of hours was taken from us.

On friday the roads were clearing up, so our storm only lasted maybe a day and a half.
We has made reservations about two weeks ago to spend some time at South Padre Island and so on Friday we headed to the Island and spent some alone time;)

I has lots of fun laughing and joking with my husband.
He held me while I fell asleep in his arms.
That feeling is the best and it does not come often because the hubbs
says that those rare moments are the
ones that you remember:) So he does not do it often.

So here are some pictures from that storm:)

School school school!!!!

I have had test like crazy every week and you know what they worst part is, they are all from the same class! I had a test last week and now I have another one this coming week!
 I mean SERIOUSLY! I need to breath! ugh!

 Im done with
 megans party(post a blog of that later) & now I just need a surgery and Im all set for the rest of the year:)
I have no huge plans anytime soon except for the surgery.
I should be getting the surgery on Spring break, If Im in luck I'll get it on my birthday:/(sarcasm).
So anyways just wanted to share what Ive been thinking for the past couple of days.

lol!!! this is kind of how I feel at night

P.S Happy Valentines day in advance:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

About us

We are Jaime and Diana !!!

I am an almost there Teacher that is attending Texas A&M Kingsville.
Jaime is a Firefighter, Former Marine and an EMT.
We have been married for 5 years.

We have been parents to a sweet baby girl since 2009!
& we have been ♥-ing every second of it.

We will soon be trying for Baby number 2 December 2013!
I know its a long time from now but its very exciting to us:)

Happy 2nd Birthday Megan Poo:)

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl:)
Dadda is not here but I know he wishes he could be here to celebrate with us on this joyous day:)

11:27 pm 7 pounds
 0.4 ounces
 19.5 incehes

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Valentines

*We were on our way to South Padre Island. The light house has a heart on it:)

I love Valentines day!!!

*This was from Valentines 2008
But not this year, I asked megan to be my valentines and she told me to "hod on"(her words).

So Im hoping anyday now she will give me an answer hehe:)

I will be sending my husband his valentines day gift in a carepackage,

I told him I dont expect anything from him because I dont and besided he has bought me a phone

* I LOVE this phone!!!


now he is going to buy me a computer.
Which I have not decided on one, but I know for sure I want an HP, but I have
yet to pick it out.

This is what I got for Megan

*taken by phone
I finally bought megan a sock monkey!
 I love it! I only got her a few
chocolates because
Im sure she is going to have a party at her daycare.
Megan will be 2 tomorrow!! wish me luck I dont bawl like a baby:(
This is what I got her as a preview for her gift.
I am going to get her something else but not going to post up pics of that yet.:)
I hope she likes it:)

I have not told ya'll the story of how my husband came home.
Lets just say my husband is very brave!
And he came home on the day that the huge winter storm hit Texas.
I will save that story for a later post though.

I do wanna show ya'll a picture
of the stuff that one of
my husbands fellow marines got for Megan:)
He's the sweetest:)

Till Next time everyone:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

:) Update and some Romantic news

Hi everyone, ok I have to admit I miss blogging and I hate that I dont have time to blog. The only reason Im blogging now is because I finished all my work and I got a B on my math Test!Yeay! So my present to myself is to blog. It's so weird how I miss blogging.

I am going to update on Megan and Jaime really quick.(not so much "quick")
Megan is doing great she turns 2 on Thursday! My litttle baby is turning 2. It sucks but Im very very happy and lucky that she is a healthy baby girl and growing everyday:) Her party is this weekend and Im dreading it. I really hate making parties they are so stressful so for sure Im not doing one next year! Unless she wants on of course. Im also going to take cupcakes to her daycare so they can celebrate with her too. Today I met a little friend of hers at the daycare it was so cute!

Jaime came for a couple of days for a 96 and he left on sunday, I didnt take alot of pictures this time around because I was just focusing on him. We had lots of fun and we tried for a baby, because I felt if something happend to him overseas and we didnt try before he left I would feel terrible. So we tried for a baby one last time and well, it didnt work I got my month visitor already so now I can say that we tried before he left if something does happen to him(god forbid that happens). He deploys this month and Im just trying to stay calm even though Im dying inside:/ I think Im pretty strong though.

taken by Ipod:/
I love him<3 even though he is such a hard man sometimes.

So on to my news...

A couple of months back I blogged about a wedding that I wanted, and that we were getting married on our 5th year anniversary!

 I thought to myself why do I need a BIG wedding?
This wedding is suppose to be about Jaime and I, and the love that we have.

See when I get remarried I want it to be just about us, I know it sounds selfish but I want to not think about anyone else but to marry my husband again and tell him that he has made me the happiest,and so forth,(cant write my vows here) and I want to be able to just have a day of just love<3

So I am thinking a Gazebo in the back yard with a thousand little twinkle lights surrounding it, maybe like 5 rounds table with basch clothe, small candles. I have more to describe but I think I will find the decorations in pictures.

oh oh but I will have a big dress! well maybe not big but I do want a princess type wedding dress. The dress is important to me! I have anways wanted the big-ish dress. So I am looking already.

I have two years to plan a small wedding:)

I am so excited for this wedding to be about Jaime and I. & not about feeding 200 people or the type of music they are going to like....uh NO! It's going to be about my husband and I, and How much we are enjoying out lives together and are very much in love:)

If our guest dont like the violinist playing or the music we want, they can leave!
but Im excited and proud to say I will have my dream wedding:)

I guess this is the perk of not trying for a second baby till after our 5 years anniversary:)

Her are some pictures I found that Im sure will kind of be similiar to the wedding I want:)
Found them on google Images.

This is what im thinking the centerpieces will be.
Most likely they will be.

This is exactly what Im thinking!
except there are more lights:) and the table is not gonna be there,
I wanna marry inside the gazebo.

This kind of looks like what I want. Not sure about the cloth design.

&& now for the good part!!
Im looking for a princess style wedding dress

Im also one of those girls that likes dresses and clothes simple.

dont not like all the beads and such on this this dress

Look at this one!!!
I love this one!

This is my favorite!!!!

I realized I dont know the colors I want for the wedding. I either want lavender or light green. Those are our favorite colors or maybe yellow. I gotta keep looking.

Thats all for now maybe I might start blogging more next week. I have school everyday and Im still trying to figure out how to balnace doing homwork:)