Tuesday, November 26, 2013

13 weeks!

How far along: 13 Weeks
Size of baby: Pea pod
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -1
Maternity Clothes:A few maternity clothes, and they feel amazing!

Boy or Girl: We will know on Megan's birthday!
Movement:few flutters
Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Nothing this week!:)
I have switched to Pre-natal gummies. I had to, there is no way I would have lasted with those "horse pills".
Sleep: Baby is still waking me up at 1 am to eat something. I switched to eating a banana or some strawberries.
What I miss:being able to sleep on my belly comfortably. I know it will get worse when I get a lot bigger.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!!!
Cravings: nothing that is good for me:P
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving Food & Black Friday!!!

Best moment this week: Having Megan see her little brother or sister at our sono appointment. Im so glad she got to see her little sibling.

She claimed that he/she looked like a monster. She also thought we were going to be able to take him/her home that day. Poor baby, she's so ready to have someone else in the house.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Organizer fairy

We have been having a huge problem when it comes to organization. Jaime claims it's because "I" don't organize but I think it's because of the little space and maybe about the containers or shelves I might need to get the job done.

Under the bathroom sink is a mess..or I should say it was messier. I bought a bucket from Target that took care of most of my hair products but it's the little things that are still in the way. I am looking for some small little shelves to get rid of that but Im still searching for that. It's so hard to shop when you're so busy all the shopping here we go!!!!

Another big part is the massive amount of mail we get. I'm sure everyone can agree that we don't always read the mail that we get and we just dump it off on the table and move one with our lives. Don't be shy, we do the same thing. A few month ago, I bought this folder holder thing at the dollar section in target and that has been the mail holder for now. Let me tell ya, that thing gets full fast! Hence the picture below. This is all the dumb mail that we get and I have to shred it one by one. Yippee right?! hmmph

And last but not least Megan's art work. What do I do with it? Do I save everything? Do I save some of it? Do I take pictures of it and that's how we keep the memories? I have chosen to save most of it. However, it's costing us space. Miss Megan does a ton of work at her daycare and when she brings it home I am at a loss where to put it. I wish I could save it all but I will admit I throw some of it away and I feel horrible for doing that. I hope she forgives me one day.

Do any of ya'll have some organization tips?
Pinterest is just not helping on this department.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who the heck is Jim????

So remember when I talked about how people pronounce our names on this post?
It has been a couple of month that Jaime got into the whole music life again. He has been playing with this guy named Cavada. This has been going on for quite some time now. He seems to be really into it, they play when they get some free time.

Well a couple of weeks ago I answered Jaime's phone because his hands were tied with something he was doing in the living room.

So this is how the phone call came in:
Him: Hi, can I please speak with Jim?
Me: (Making a questionable face) Jiiimmmm? Oh, uh yeah Jim is here. (Trying not to laugh)
 Whispering to Jaime (Who the heck is Jim?)

I already knew he was looking for Jaime it's just funny when I heard him call my husband Jim.

So I asked Jaime why he would call him Jim.
He said that, that was how he introduced himself.

Uh ok, you never do that with anyone else or when you introduced yourself to me but whatever. (Weird boy)

Monday, November 18, 2013

12 Week!

Where did this belly come from right!?
Ok, first trimester Complete!
How far along: 12 Weeks
Size of baby: a lime! 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +2
Maternity Clothes: Awaiting some maternity clothes in the mail, a little skeptical on the whole ordering online before tryin on..but I was a little bit desperate.
Gender: Dont know yet, but we have an ultrasound on the 22nd so If they ask me if I want to know the gender I might just say yes. It may be too early to tell but if they can see the profile It might be too hard to say "no"
Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Smeeling random items
Sleep: Baby is still waking me up at 1 am to eat something. I switched to eating a bananna or some strawberries.
What I miss: having some easy mornings, with no "morning sickness"
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy was my mood this week....with a dash of stress from school
Cravings: none this week!
Looking forward to: Going shopping with my little lady this weekend for some christmas items.

Best moment this week: Having an actual belly instead of a "fat" looking stomach.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

To my neighbors little dog

I have always been a dog lover. (What you have a dog? Aww how cute!)
Since we have moved in I have had to live with your dumbass barking.
All summer long I heard you more and more.
Your lucky that my daughter and my husband are heavy sleeper because then we would have an even bigger problem.
I have to admit I have been thinking of way of how I could murder you.
I know I sound like a crazy person.
However, I am pregnant and I need my dang sleep so I think this is a valid thought.
I dont think I will ever do it but you should be scared that the thought is there.
I think your owners heard me last night yelling at you so I'm hoping they take your butt inside from now on.
Why they put you oustide when you are inside all day long baffles me.
Dont worry though your safe, for now. The winter is coming and your owners never leave you outside at night during that time. & I dont have a tiny little baby in this house to wake up but when baby gets here, your should be very afraid.
Oh and another thing stop with the barking, THERE IS NOTHING THERE, I know, I check!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Adventures

What our Thursday is looking like.
Megan is playing hookey from Daycare and I just wanted to stay in today since we hardley ever do that. So I am right now sitting under the blanket watching Pirates of the Carribean and waiting for my food to be done in the oven along with blogging of course. Happy Thursday!

 It has been pretty cold here lately. Since we are from Texas we aren't very accustomed for it being too cold but it has been pretty cold from a Texan standard. My younger sister had a "concert" and it was so cold, I could barely feel my fingers. No seriously it was cold. Jaime was at work so I didnt have a cuddle buddy except for Megan but the girl never stops moving when we are sitting on the stands. So I wrapped that little girl up and had her sit with me through the whole football game and through the concert. My sister sounded amazing. You can really tell that her voice is maturing through her singing. She's come a long way from being that little girl with a cute squeeky voice.

Christmas came early for my husband and he now is a proud owner of a recliner. He has been begging me for a recliner since last year. Now he never gets off of it, except when he has to use the restroom or go to work.hehe This was kind of the spur of the moment type thing. I wasn't much help with the picking out the recliner so it was all up to him. I wanted him to be comfortable.

It came on Tuesday and he is in love with it. Im not a big fan of it, so I think I have only sat on it maybe twice. I dont get what the big deal with those things are. I think this guy is ready for his own man cave.

The Hocky game we went to this last weekend was Awesome! I dont know If Megan enjoyed the game but Jaime and I really enjoyed the hockey game. We had never been to a hockey game so this was a new adventure for all of us. It just amazing that Jaime and I are 20-something and it was our first hockey game and Megan is only 4 and she was already experiencing the whole hockey adventure. I guess it just amazes me the kind of things she will experience that I never did when I was her age.

You know those days where everyone has invited you to a birthday party? Yes, that happened to us. We were invited to two parties and my husband had one other party to get to. That day I had to write a three page paper and the procrastination has completley taken over( & I will be an educator) so I had to sit and complete the paper before I could go out to the parties. All parties started at 3 so what we did was pretty much hopped around the two kid parties until it was about 6:30 (it was getting too cold for comfort) so after cake and pinata we left the last party. Megan had a fun time with her bestfriend and I was pretty much beat after those parties so I was gladly ready to head home.

Monday, November 11, 2013

11 week bumpdate!


 Excuse the dirty mirror, this photo was taken at 7 am.
How far along: 11 Weeks

Size of baby: A fig

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 2

Maternity Clothes: I am having a hard time in this department. Please ladies, where can I get some cute materinity clothes? I have searched everywhere:(

Gender: Dont know yet.

Movement:Ok crazy thing happened. I dont think it was the baby but hey maybe it was but like I said its doubtful because the baby is like an inch.
On Thursday something moved in my stomach. It was so strong that I was like "Woah", I made a joke that there was probably an alien in there. It happened twice so It was the weirdest thing. I mean it was super noticeable. Crazy!
Anything making you feel queasy or sick: The prenatal vitamins"Horse pills".

Sleep: Baby woke me up to eat something at 1 am. I will eat a peanut butter sandwhich then go back to sleep. That only happened twice this week.

What I miss: nothing this week. It was a pretty smooth week.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Good thoughts all week:)

Cravings: Lasagna!!

Looking forward to:  Hockey night!

Best moment this week:

The whole "baby moving" adventure.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This past weeked

I know, I know I am super late on this past weekend post. School has been really bad on me this week. It's mostly my fault I have been procrastinating on my work. I know it's not good. However, I am now caught up on my work and I have time to now sit and write on my little space on the internet:)

This past weeknd was one of those weekend where you wish that you could have those weekend all the time. We spent so much time as a family and it was really nice.

We did a little shopping. We saw all the christmas decorations and I really cant wait to start decorating around the house. I am looking forward to buying our christmas tree the day after thanksgiving. Oh and lets not forget Marshall!! I think we are adding a skirt to Marshall this year..and I think we will be adding the reindeer that has also came out as a family tradition.So there are new things coming our way.

After we went to a couple of stores we were headed to Jason's deli. Jaime and I had been wanting to eat there for a couple of weeks but didn't really get the chance. When we got to Jason's deli there was some sort of high school team that was in line. Jaime and I were pretty disappointed. It would have taken a while before we would have been able sit and eat.
So we went next door to a place called Wing stop. Not sure if you all know what wing stop is, its just a place where they of course sell wings..but there are different kinds of flavors. Weird flavors. Anyways we sat and ate our lunch. It was really good but our drinks were super flat. Eh. Disgusting. It  wasnt the best but that happened.
We sat on the tabled. All three of us were talking about random things. Megan was having a good time, talking to both of us. We even bought this cute yellow purse that she just "needed". She was loving on that purse. Gosh, we had such a good weekend.
So after we left we went home to just hang out for while. We watched some tv. Then after awhile we left to a carnival that was at our church. We played a ton of games. Megan was having a grand time, having the attention to her, and we were having a great time just being with our Megan and playing. After awhile we left and went to a redbox and whataburger for some dinner.
So that night we watch Epic and we were having a picnic in the living room floor. So that is what we did for the night and its was pretty simple and pretty sweet.

Here is the picture with the flower purse that she needed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

10 weeks!

How far along: 10 Weeks

Size of baby:A kumquat
Not sure what exactly that is

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1

Maternity Clothes: Looking into purchasing some maternity shirts.

Gender: I've had two dreams that I had a little girl...we will know what we are having at 24 weeks.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth is still a hard one & my prenatal vitamins have also triggered my gag reflex. It's the worst.I was thinking of looking into some gummy prenatals(if there is such thing).

Sleep: This part of the pregnancy is really starting to bug me. I'm unable to stay awake past 9:45pm. It's getting in the way of my time with Megan and Jaime.

What I miss: Feeling like a normal human.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Well the kiddos in the classroom are really starting to frustrate me. Not so much in a bad way it's just amazing how much they dont follow directions..but thats kids for ya:)

Cravings: A frito pie!!! Probably won't have it because Ive been keeping it a secret.

Looking forward to:  If I am being totally honest, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving food!!

Best moment this week:
We were all in the car and Megan and Jaime were arguing about what the gender of the baby is going to be. He's for a boy and Megan is for a girl.
So Megan says: Dad, if it's a girl your be like "NOOOO!!!"  and she even through her hands in the air when she said it.
We thought that was so funny!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The reason I see the show "Suits"

Is because of this guy...

Isnt he beautiful? Everytime I see this show I always end up saying geez he's beautiful.
Jaime has asked me how can a guy be beautiful.
Uh hunny, look at him!!!
He's beautiful.

In case your wondering who he is dating he is dating this pretty lady.

Yes, that is Spencer from pretty little liars. You should go on his and her Instagram, they are the cutest. I have to admit I have been stalking them a little. They are just the cutest couple ever.

The Show Suits is actually pretty good. It is on Amazon Prime for free in case you have it. Its a really good show about lawyers fighting cases. Its funny and its intense sometimes. Oh and Patrick adam's character is amazing. You will see why:)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween pictures from last night

I forgot to mention here that I had my computer cleaned. I knew It had bugs in it but I didn't know how bad it was. Guess how many viruses I had, just guess. 52 viruses in my laptop! Yep 52. It was pretty bad. I would get on google and every time I would click on a link it would go to something super random. Like If I clicked on a Halloween costume site the link would take me to a realtor site. Super annoying. Thank god I got it fixed because it bothered me so much. So If you don't see my watermark on some of my pictures it's because I'm on my laptop and not on my actual computer which has the program I use.

Ok. So yesterday, like I said I was going to Megan's daycare for their little harvest party. When I walked in they were decorating pumpkin cookies with icing, and candy. They were also playing games, they were decorating pumpkins, bat, and ghost. She was having a good time, and she also really liked that I was there. She thanked me for coming to her party and she said that she didn't want me to leave. I was going to let her eat some lunch while I went to pick up my prenatal vitamins and visit with my mom really quick.

While I was at her party I got the chance to meet some of her new friends and talk to some of ther old friends. They are so cute! After they ate pizza, I picked her up and she came home with a ton of candy and some books. At this point Miss Megan has two buckets filled with candy. Good lord the amount of candy this little one has is appalling.

When we went home she took a very long nap, and when she woke up it was almost that time to go trick or treating. I also made dinner at 4:30! I know that was super early, but I wanted to eat before we left. Not that she ate but I did and I was happy. She didnt eat till later on.

Yep, I was a nurse. Jaime already had the stethescope and my mom gave me a mask from her work. So my costume was complete. My dad was making fun of me and asked if I had just came out of work.hahahaha. Very funny dad. I'd be too scared to be a nurse/doctor.
Can you tell Im pregnanct in this photo?
Probably not:(

We left from my moms house at 6:15pm and didnt get back home till about 7:45pm. She didnt need a ton of candy because she had a ton of candy already so we didnt last for a long time. I also had a canday bag, but guess what mine was filled up on? It had a camera, my keys, a flashlight, and a pair of extra shoes for Megan.
At some point we added the wig that she had on into the bag. Little one was sweating up a storm in the wig. Poor baby when I took off her wig, I could feel she really was sweating a lot:( & I give her a ton of Kudos for walking on heel the whole time. She never once asked for her extra pair of shoes. She was tired of walking though, so like I said, we didnt last for a long time. My little sister was also over it, so we left home.
I would say it was a successful Halloween day. I had fun and so did Megan.