Monday, March 31, 2014

Instagram photos

It is yet again a Monday. Ugh, I hate Mondays but Im really surprised at how fast these weeks are going by. I feel like I barely have time to breath. I have a couple of things that I need to do this month and I know that they are just around the corner. I am mostly thinking about the last week of April. I will have the whole month of May of just hanging out at home and watching Netflix until this baby is ready to meet us. Seriously, I am so excited to just lay on my bed all month long:) I'm looking forward for it. 

Until that glorious month of May, I have to be studying day and night for a certification test that I have on the 17th of April. Everyone says to think positive about this test but it's a very hard test and I've heard that very few people pass this test the first time. So I just don't think that it's likely for me. I mean, I passed the first one in one try but this one could be about anything. So, it's a scary test. Going to need a million prayers that day.

 This is my baby boy's backpack. We have chosen to use this as his diaper bag and I just love it! It has so many pocket. I am scared that something is going to not go o.k though when we do start to use it. Like having to dig through the bag  in order to get extra clothes. I dont know. It got some good reviews on Amazon so, Im assuming it was worth the money. I guess we will have to see how it really is.

 31 weeks. These photos, they just don't show how I really feel. I feel like I am so huge. I mean I feel like I could topple over. I am really scared of these last few weeks. I mean now that I am getting closer to labor, the pain and the memory of having Megan is coming back to me. I hope I will be able to remember more this time around than what I did the first time. I hope that the catheter is not as bad this time around.

We bought Andrew's bedding at Target, they were on sale so I just thought we should just take it. Saved $20 so that's always a good thing. We have also decided that we are going to stop buying him clothes. He actually has a lot of clothes to last him for at least 3 months. Unless he is a big boy then we might just have to go shopping, so we will see how it goes. I had to take this photo like this because Megan was the one who chose it for him. Thought it was appropriate to take a picture of her with her brother's things.

Friday, March 28, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 Weeks

Size of baby: Large coconut

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +16

Maternity Clothes: Last week I wore some khaki pants, this week they no longer fit me. Did that make me feel bad? A little bit. Mostly, I thought how the heck they could fit me last week but not this week.

Boy or Girl: My little Andrew

Movement: Lots and lots of movement. Still have not recorded it yet.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Everything is good:)

Sleep: Well, the lower part of my belly hurts occasionally when I have to turn to the other side of the bed.

Belly : I cannot see the bottom of my belly anymore. Even if I try(and I look like a weirdo) I still can't see the bottom, and I need a mirror for it. I'm assuming soon the mirror is not even going to be able to see the bottom as well.

What I miss: Running.

How I'm feeling: Tired, sleepy, hungry, and hot

Cravings: Kisses with almonds

Looking forward to: The last 9 weeks. I am also going shopping with Megan tomorrow and we will see what I get these kiddos.

Best moment this week: Having Jaime home all week. He is so helpful.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby clothes

Baby clothes has been a huge problem. I want certain types of clothes for my baby boy. I want collard shirts for baby and I really don't want all his clothes to be blue. Uh, can we say boring. Jaime on the other hand likes the complete opposite of me in the clothes that my baby will wear. I don't know, I'm a preppy person and my husband just isn't. So we will see what he wears. For now some of our friends gave us some of their old baby's clothes. I can't thank her enough because we really needed some clothes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Written (3.17.2014)
Well, last week was Spring break and all I can say was that it was short lived. We didn't really do much, we were going to go to Houston but I know I would have been tired and that's not what I wanted to do for a one week break. So I stayed at home just hanging out with Jaime and Megan. It was also my birthday week which I kept forgetting it was birthday(how could anyone forget about their birthday right?). I think it's just that this pregnancy is just going so slow. Then again I really do not want to feel all the pain again, but eh that's how babies are born right? o.k how did I get from my birthday to the baby's birth.

I wish I could say I have more pictures from Spring Break but I don't. I hate that I never take pictures but it is what it is. My mind is pretty much always somewhere else. I think I have that whole pregnancy brain.

The weather in Texas has been the worst. It is summer, winter and fall all in one week. Which makes me believe that this summer is going to be the worst weather ever! On this day, it was a perfect day. So we went outside and played with Megan. She is so eager for me to get baby out so I can start running with her.

This week I had told Megan we would give her a haircut. In the morning she was so eager to get her haircut, and when we returned she was in the worst mood. My child can sometimes be very very crazy. She will tell me when she is in a bad mood or when she is in a good mood. I mean seriously look at these pictures, different girl right?

Apparently, she said she was upset because she didn't like the haircut even though she said that she wanted bangs and that she just wanted a little bit of hair cut off. That's exactly what I told the lady to do. I guess Megan has another idea.

We also went to the Livestock show on my birthday. I got a little burned from the sun and I don't think I was as tired as I thought I would be. We took a stroller for Megan because good golly if she would have walked the whole thing, she would have made one of us to pick her up and carry her. She isn't  light anymore, she is pretty heavy. We saw piglet races finally. They are the cutest things. I wanted to touch them so bad.

Monday, March 24, 2014

30 weeks

How far along: 30 Weeks

Size of baby: Large Cabbage

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +14

Maternity Clothes: Had to buy new maternity clothes. Also, I am now wearing TOMS to work, and I hope I don't get into trouble. I doubt it though.

Boy or Girl: My little Andrew

Movement: Sometimes I think this little guy is tickling me from the inside. Is that strange?

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Everything is good:)

Sleep: Well, I am now getting up regularly to use the restroom.

Belly Button: I don't know how it's possible but sometimes it's flat, it's out and it's an innie. Weird I know. I think it just depends on what position he is in.

What I miss: Not getting tried to fast on my feet. My feel are starting to swell,and Im not happy about it at all.

How I'm feeling: I would sum this up as just tired all the time.

Cravings: Hot Cheetos with lemon

Looking forward to: The last 10 weeks. Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best moment this week: Megan and Jaime both talking to the baby and feeling all his kicks and movements. I loved it!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

29 weeks

How far along: 29 Weeks

Size of baby: Butternut Squash

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +13

Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes, yes!

Boy or Girl: Baby Boy

Movement: Lots and lots of movement. He had hiccups this week for the first time, or at least that I felt for the first time.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Nothing at all. Feeling pretty good in this department, finally.

Sleep: Well my belly is getting so big that sleeping on my back will most likely be the worst decision for the next day.

What I miss: Being able to bend down. This part is getting really, really tough.

How I'm feeling:I am over this. I just want my baby boy already.

Cravings: Chocolate shake

Looking forward to: Buying baby boy clothes

Best moment this week: Megan is starting to be more helpful with me and before she would not help me at all. Now when I ask her to pick up something for me, she will do it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pregnancy post

I think it hilarious and weird that sometimes I feel like Im not as huge as some woman, then there are other other days when I feel like a whale. Im sure most woman feel like that. I guess it's just good days and bad days. Then there are days where my belly is to the side and not to the front because baby is on the side hanging out. So my body looks a little weird at times.

On this particular day I felt like I looked like a grandma. Ugh, why don't I ever look good in dresses. I think I look good without my belly but I thought this dress would have looked better on me. This is turning into a pity party post, sorry.

 We have officially bought the crib. I feel like we are so late on baby stuff. I think I have said that many times but yeah, I feel like we have so much more to get. For example, I feel like we don't have enough clothes for the little guy. We don't have blankets, we don't have a pump, oh gosh the list goes on and on. I still need to buy his bedding. Excuse me while I shop on Amazon:)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Year 5

Every year I take photos of Megan. Usually I take Valentine, Birthday and Easter photos. This year I have done two out of the three so far. I love that Megan actually wants to do them too so that's a plus. I hope that I can remember to do this for Andrew too. I don't know if he will appreciate them as much as Megan will when she grows up but I think I will do it anyways.

This year I wanted to do something different with her photos. I wanted to add a little prop to the photo. So I went to the flea market and bought a very old oval painting, and we decided to paint it and make a chalkboard out of it

I don't have some professional skills but as long as I take the picture every year and just tweak it a little, I am satisfied.  I think it came out pretty good actually. She is such a good sport too about it. I just love that she enjoys taking these pictures as much as I do.

In case you were wondering what the other yearly photos looked like.
 I think when we move I am going to put them in a white frame.
It started at the hospital and every year after, that we take a photo around the time of February.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby shower for little Andrew

We have decided on a theme for the baby shower. We have chosen a safari/jungle theme for the shower. I didn't have a shower for Megan because instead of a shower we were planning a funeral and it was the worst day of my life so I was not up to going through with the shower. This time around hopefully everything goes o.k and we are able to have a shower for Andrew. We have most of the items we need for the baby shower. I still need to look for some vines and some balloons and a couple of other things. We are aiming for April 19th, which is the weekend of Easter. I'm not totally on board with that date but it's the only available date we have for everyone who is going to be involved.

My mother and I went to Hobby lobby and bought a couple of stuff and began crafting. My cricut is AMAZING! Im glad my mom bought it for me for Christmas because it would have bene hell to have to cut all this on my own. I mean it took me forever to just do all this and the computer was doing this, then to have to do it by hand...uh no thanks.
 This will be part of the banner I still have yet to finish.

 These will be the cupcake toppers

 These will be the labels for some of the finger foods we are going to have.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

28 weeks

How far along:28Weeks

According to baby center we are in the 3rd trimester!

Size of baby:large eggplant

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +10

Maternity Clothes:Bought another pant from Target and a maternity jacket. Holy cow, those things are expensive!

Boy or Girl: A little baby boy

Movement:Lots of movement and beginning to enjoy those kicks. There was a moment when I had a panic attack one morning because I had not felt him kick for about an hour. I even woke up Jaime, so I started moving my stomach and tapping it. After awhile I guess he woke up and he started moving. He gave me a scare.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Nothing this week. However, my lunch came up and at the time I was with the kiddos so that was scary. I thought I was going to vomit on one of the kids.

Sleep: No change from last week, I still feel terrible on one of my sides.

What I miss:Nothing, It was a good week.

How I'm feeling:Kind of tired but for the most part I'm o.k

Cravings: All things lemon flavored

Looking forward to: Putting the crib together.

Best moment this week: My first and last week in 1st grade before Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This is going to be the best of my life!

I am a little behind on some post so this week will be my "catch up week", since It's SPRING BREAK! I wanted to share some news and some updates with you all. However, this post will probably be short and sweet.
First off, I took my first certification test. I took it March 1st and I wasn't that nervous, I was just ready to take it. On Wednesday, after I got out of Student teaching, I checked my email to see if my results had came in and to my surprise they had. The email stated that my results were in and that I had to sign in to see them. Jaime was at home and I told him they were in(I was a bit dramatic at the time). I was freakin out, he was saying it's going to be o.k that he was sure I pass and if not then I could take it again. He said it wasn't a big deal it was going to be o.k He also offered to look at the scores first. I told him no because he would have to tell me the bad news and I think it would be worse if he was the one that said I had failed.

So I checked the scores myself, and found that I had PASSED! I was so happy, jumping up and down yelling "oh my god!" Telling Jaime and Megan that we were half way there. It was a pretty amazing day. I told my parents that night and they were really happy for me and super proud of me.

I also received my invitation to my graduation! Yes, I am so happy that I get to send these bad boys out to my family.

 I have no clue why my child thought she was able to do this. I was shocked when I saw her on my table. This was the first time that she had ever sat there. I thought she looked so cute with her pajamas and the kindle in her hand just minding her own business.

I have been getting some crafting items from Hobby lobby for the baby shower. I came across this cute chair and had to text a pic of this chair. This is the kind of chair I want when we are old and gray. I honestly can't wait to read as many books as I can when we retire. It will be the best last years ever:)

Monday, March 10, 2014

27 weeks

How far along:27 Weeks

Size of baby:Head of a cauliflower

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +9

Maternity Clothes: Is a must

Boy or Girl: Boy

Movement:This week he has found my rib cage.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Nothing, just some heartburn here and there.

Sleep: It is starting to get uncomfortable sleeping. I think I sleep more on my right but I really need to change that because I think I'm straining my body when I get up at night.

What I miss: Being able to fit into my clothes. I kind of wish I had the small belly again.

How I'm feeling:I am feeling pretty good this week. Can't complain much.

Cravings: None this week

Looking forward to: Baby shower and buying the crib for baby boy.

Best moment this week: Aside from the baby stuff. It is my last week with 4th graders so I'm pretty excited about that.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend of Fishing

Seriously do I look pregnant? Maybe I look pregnant, but do I look like Im 27 weeks.? Crazy!
Last weekend we finally went fishing. We had not gone fishing in like  almost 5 months. Mostly because it has been really cold and because we are really busy lately.

At the beginning of that evening my husband was unaware that I wanted to go to South Padre Island. He was under the impression we were going to a different city, and it turns out communication got mixed up. Honestly, I regret going to the Island that night.

The evening started with us having a hard time with finding a parking. It was a Saturday so we kind of had to drive around till we saw people leaving. 

We got a ton of bait thinking that it was going to be a good fishing evening. Well, we thought wrong. This was about to be the worst fishing night ever.

My Brother with his catch

I think the highlight to this evening was that I saw a ton of dolphins and one of them was really close and also we saw about three jellyfishes on the top of the water just swimming around. It was pretty neat. I had never seen a jellyfish up close in the water. I mean, I've seen one on shore but not in the water. 

I think I have mentioned that fishing to us is more than a hobby. It's also a competition between Jaime and I. So every time we fish together it's has to be a competition. This time he won. I did catch anything. That's right, Nothing! I was upset.

That's not all, the night was super weird. It was so foggy, it was creepy. I mean we had clear skies when we arrived and then at about 7:45 it began to look hazy. I could not see  the causeway or I could not see the building in front of us. I mean really, really creepy weather. It was also kind of cold and Mr. Jaime didn't have a jacket, even though I told him to take one just in case. He never listens to me, when will he understand that I'm always right:)

We plan on going back during spring break. Probably not to this particular spot but we will be doing some fishing. Next week, I believe we are heading to Houston, Texas. I have not been there since I've had a layover when I went to visit Jaime in California. (Don't even think it counts hehe)